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Should Children Be Spanked Essay

Discipline is one of the basic responsibilities of parents, teachers, and guardians, and it must be undertaken in order to facilitate proper social development in children. Indulging in mischief and other undesirable conduct is common among children and is, to a degree, considered normal. Effectively discouraging these kinds of behavior...

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Effects of Divorce on Children Essay

The effects of divorce on children can be devastating. A multitude of research studies show that children who come from divorced families exhibit more behavioral and adjustment issues than individuals who come from remarried or divorced parents . This paper will examine two journal articles that examine the impact of...

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Single Parenting Essay

Teachers and parents were the leading townsfolk that instructed the children (Lee, 1990). For example, the teachers worked hard to ensure that children lived an ignorance free life alongside enlightening them about them about some of the essentials of life. The fact that schools brought children from different social backgrounds...

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Letter to Parents

First and foremost, I would like to highlight that it is rather disappointing to report to you that our school has developed a social class problem. The reason as to why I have decided to write this letter to you is that you may be part and parcel in remedying...

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Are Child Beauty Pageants a Form of Child Abuse?

Beauty pageants for children are an ongoing subject of controversy, and many believe that they represent a specific form of child abuse. This is the question then examined in the following, as the nature of the pageants is set against how child abuse itself is generally defined in accepted ways....

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