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Outdoor Play For Preschool Children

In the United States, preschools settings require having an approximation of one hour where children participate in outdoor activities. A deficit in play alters the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the children. An assessment of the children indicates that the body exercise has immense benefit to a student’s welfare....

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Child Development

Section I (Development) The selected child is a boy of 5 years. At this age, his physical development has made great progress and appears to be where it is expected of him. The boy can jump, hop and run around. Adult teeth have also started showing and his body coordination...

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Do Kids Take Years Off Your Life?

In Rachael Rettner’s article “Do Kids Take Years Off Your Life?” it is imperatively evident that there is a significant relationship between the bearing of children and the rate of aging in women (Rettner, 2016). According to Rachael, women who have given birth are seemingly more biologically older than their...

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The Effects of Divorce on Children

Without a doubt, one of the most significant events in the life of a young child is the divorce of his/her parents. According to Hughes, Jr. (2009), the effects of divorce on a child are adverse and they are numerous. They have been identified as loss of both a parent...

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Child and Family Assessments

A provider’s personal definition of family and family roles might impact the assessment of a child and his or her family in several ways. Depending upon the socioeconomic, cultural, and racial background of the provider, it is possible that viewing a child and his or her family who are of...

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