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Children’s Literature

Film/Novel Adaptation

Having watched the movie The Wizard of Oz numerous times since childhood, I was interested to read the novel of that same movie. I assumed that they would be roughly the same in content, plot, setting, and characters. However, I found after reading the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz...

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Children’s Literature: Exploring the Classics

The history of children’s literature begins with stories. Stories, or narratives, non-fictional or fictional, orated or transcribed, are the building blocks of children’s literature. Stories are the entire reason children’s literature exists. Stories bring together, educate, and/or entertain individuals, communities, and disparate cultures, but maybe most importantly, and probably the...

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Bluebeard: The Real Story

I have never been so excited as I was the day that her father finally said “Yes!” I knew that the affliction of my blue beard had always turned women away from me, but this one was so special that it was worth the try. The way she looked at...

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The Modern Frog Prince

The original Grimm version of "The Frog Prince" tells the tale of a girl who makes a promise to take care of a frog who rescues her favorite golden ball. She tries to break her promise, but her father requires her to stay true to her word. The frog then...

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The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket

The setting of this story is a neighborhood at night. The story is given from the narrator’s perspective. For some reason, he is walking along near a University. He is walking along at night, when he notices something peculiar. As he is going through the neighborhood, he hears the sound...

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