Addressing women’s weight issues to prevent childhood obesity is an important subject in the health sector. Weight-related diseases such as obesity have increasingly become a thorn in the flesh among the American populace. It is saddening to know that, almost a third of mothers in the United States are obese. Considering that the disease is associated with poor eating habits, there is a need to address the challenge so that children born by obese mothers can be saved from the menace. In most cases, young children depend on the diet and lifestyle that is upheld by the mother. Consequently, the children also become over-weight (Bruss, Morris,&Dannison, 2003).

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Among the Native Americans, it is important to address the issue of women’s weight because this is the group that has been faced with a higher number of obesity cases. Native American women are believed to uphold poor eating habits, and that they are hardly involved in physical activities. This is why there is a dire need to develop an intervention that will lead to improvements in their dietary endeavors.

Therefore, such women should be helped by professionals in the health sector to adopt healthy eating patterns and to be involved in physical activities. They should be helped to develop programs that can help them to make healthy choices. Through cooperation among various sectors, policies can be created to foster healthy living. Similarly, such mothers should be encouraged to ensure that they take their children to settings, such as schools, that offer foods that are healthy and where physical activities opportunities are available. These initiatives shall work towards protecting the mothers and their children from weight-related diseases (Lindsay, Sussner, Greaney, & Peterson, 2011).