I believe schools should not merely prepare the students for professional careers but also help them develop essential traits such as integrity and compassion. My conviction has been further strengthened by the ethical and moral lapses we have witnessed among individuals from different backgrounds including the corporate sector and the politics. Thus, LLU’s emphasis on religion courses and chapel attendance holds a special appeal to me even if I am Buddhist.
I have studied different religions and they all preach quite similar things at their core. Like Buddhism, Christianity believes in love for fellow citizens, compassion towards the poor, integrity and morality in both personal and professional lives, and strong work ethics. Attending LLU will allow me to learn more about the Christian principles that I may already have incorporated in my life.

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I also believe an education at LLU will help me become a better citizen of local and global communities. One of the central ideas in Christianity is that we do not exist for our own sake only. Our real purpose is to serve our fellow citizens. Similarly, we should take good care of the communities that may also include responsible stewardship of the environment. I also like the idea of taking religious courses and attending chapel because it will provide me opportunities to discuss issues with my fellow students that affect all of us. These discussions may also strengthen our respective faiths because the journey of faith is rarely smooth. The life is full of struggles and mysteries and it helps to have the support of friends and peers who may be going through the same experiences.

I look forward to an exciting time at LLU. I am quite confident the education at LLU will not only help me achieve my career ambitions but also support my spiritual growth.