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Revival in the Christian Church

The history of Christianity in the Western world has always been powerfully intertwined with social and political realities of each age and culture. This is as true today, in the U.S., as it is of any point in history. On one level, it may be argued that there is a...

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The Battle for Christmas Review

“Introduction: John Pintard's Holiday Scare” (p. 49) This section recounts Pintard’s experience with how the Christmas holiday was changing. In 1820, Pintard had celebrated Christmas the way he always had, with a modest day of tradition, family, food, etc. Although he was a wealthy merchant, he chose to keep the...

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Secular Institution verse a Christian Institution

Secular institutions are organizations of people who are consecrated and offer evangelical support related to chastity, poverty and obedience. They live in society and interact with various people in the world. Christian institution is groups of individuals who are charity committed to upholding the truths of the bible. Both secular...

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Operations Management Christian Integration Paper

In process layout, equipment that function in the same manner is arranged as one is to segregate each process while keeping the machines together (Moran, 2017). In the Christian context, the public address machines will be arranged in the audio-visual department while materials needed to print gospel messages would be...

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Christianity and Bankruptcy Protection

Сhristians have long had a tortured relationship with the idea of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy provides an opportunity for a person to get a re-set on their financial life when they are totally underwater. At its core, bankruptcy is a functional reprieve. It allows people, in the case of chapter seven, to...

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Christian Fleetwood’s Medal of Honor

The 4th U.S. Colored Troops’ Sergeant Major Christian Fleetwood won the Medal of Honor award due to his heroic performances on the battlefield at Chaffin Farm. He was honored on 29 September 1864 and became the first black soldier to receive the prize. The Medal of Honor was established in...

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Christian Expressions in NASCAR

The fans of the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) are a very monolithic breed. Unlike other sports that have made a very concerted effort to reach out to fanbases and ethnic groups of all kinds, NASCAR seems to be content with its very monolithic White, Southern fanbase...

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Ezekiel’s Individualism: Revolutionary for Israel and Preparatory for the Coming of Jesus

The book of Ezekiel is a departure from traditional Jewish cultural systems. Like many other Semitic communities, the Israelites had a strong kinship relationship. The Old Testament is littered with cases of families being held accountable for the sins of individual family members (Clements, 2010). However, Ezekiel embodies a departure...

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Biblical Leaders: A comparison of the leadership traits of Joseph, Judah and Moses

Biblical Leaders: A comparison of the leadership traits of Joseph, Judah and Moses While Joseph and Judah are, in many respects, effective leaders, neither of them is as powerful a voice for their people as is Moses. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the traits which make Joseph and...

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Literature and Puritan Traditions

Figurative Language in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God The figurative language in the sermon demonstrates God’s anger towards sinners. Edwards (110) compares God’s influence over humans to that of a spider over its hunt, to show God’s control over people. Edwards (109) writes “God’s wrath is like...

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Catholicism vs Christianity

If it is believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross and was born from the Virgin Mary, does that make someone Christian or Catholic or both? There are many similarities in addition to solid differences amongst the two. Everything from beliefs to salvation and even worship styles are a...

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Gnosticism vs Christianity

In a sense, Gnosticism was what people would refer to as non-denominational Christianity today. It was a compilation of all of the ancient religions of that time which acknowledged some form of God. This was in contrast to proto-Orthodox Christianity, which set the stage for indoctrinated denominations of Christianity. These...

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Judaism and Christianity

Judaism and Christianity are two of the world’s largest religions. They are also religions that share similar roots. Much of the terminology is the same between the two religions, and those who study both will quickly find that the two religions share certain books. Despite all of these similarities and...

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Christianity’s Impact on Western Civilization

Over the history, the Western civilization has been under the influence of various religions, with the greatest impact of Christianity on the course of its development. It is hard to evaluate all positive effects that Christianity had on the Western civilization, and yet, the most evident influence was made on...

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Christian Morality

None of us can avoid or revert death, but we are always responsible for our own attitude to it. The films “My Last Days” and “The Suicide Tourist” tell the stories of two terminally ill persons who chose opposite approaches to dying. Zach Sobiech, a seventeen-year teenager with sarcoma, decided...

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Paradoxical Dependence Between Authority and Freedom in the Christian Religion

There are several possible objections to the idea that Christianity is a religion with a paradoxical, and inter-dependent idea of freedom and of authority. The first would be to state that there are moments in foundational Christian texts, such as Paul's epistles, which make it clear that it is necessary...

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How Did Monasticism Help To Spread Christianity

Monasticism was an essential element for the Medieval Europe as it remained one of the few institutes within which civilization, science, and other knowledge was able to survive for posterity so that future generations could use it. Monks were always a relatively stable small group of people that had the...

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Children’s Encounter with Christianity

Abstract As infants develop, they need to establish trust, and that is where parents or teachers come in to help their children develop spiritual trust. Therefore, trust is identified as the fundamental component of every relationship. Besides, it is trust that is noted for making one feel secure as well...

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Online Dating in the Christian Context

Online dating is growing more and more popular in today’s world. Because people have less time to get out into the world of real-life dating, they are expediting the process by meeting up online. There are a few different online dating sites, and while different sites have different modes of...

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Women in Early Christianity

Similarly to Judaism and Islam, Christianity is often depicted as a patriarchal and misogynistic religion that requires women to submit themselves to both God and men. In 1 Corinthians 11:2-6, Paul instructs female worshippers to cover their heads as a sign of submission and in 1 Timothy 2:8-15, he defines...

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