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Revival in the Christian Church

The history of Christianity in the Western world has always been powerfully intertwined with social and political realities of each age and culture. This is as true today, in the U.S., as it is of any point in history. On one level, it may be argued that there is a...

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The Battle for Christmas Review

“Introduction: John Pintard's Holiday Scare” (p. 49) This section recounts Pintard’s experience with how the Christmas holiday was changing. In 1820, Pintard had celebrated Christmas the way he always had, with a modest day of tradition, family, food, etc. Although he was a wealthy merchant, he chose to keep the...

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Secular Institution verse a Christian Institution

Secular institutions are organizations of people who are consecrated and offer evangelical support related to chastity, poverty and obedience. They live in society and interact with various people in the world. Christian institution is groups of individuals who are charity committed to upholding the truths of the bible. Both secular...

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Operations Management Christian Integration Paper

In process layout, equipment that function in the same manner is arranged as one is to segregate each process while keeping the machines together (Moran, 2017). In the Christian context, the public address machines will be arranged in the audio-visual department while materials needed to print gospel messages would be...

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Christianity and Bankruptcy Protection

Сhristians have long had a tortured relationship with the idea of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy provides an opportunity for a person to get a re-set on their financial life when they are totally underwater. At its core, bankruptcy is a functional reprieve. It allows people, in the case of chapter seven, to...

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