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The Passion of the Christ

SummaryMel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ depicts the final twenty four hours in the life of Jesus Christ. It begins in the garden of Gethsemene, where Jesus prays and discovers the disciples asleep. Following this, Christ is arrested after having been identified by Judas, who had previously been paid...

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Life as an Early Christian

Prompt: Using the text on Christianity, what was life like for early Christians? What beliefs do they profess? How might their beliefs and practices exacerbate differences between Christians and non-Christians? How do these beliefs and practices compare to modern Christianity? Upon examining accounts of the period, early Christians in the...

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Christian Theism vs. Islamic Theism

Christianity and Islam are the most common beliefs on earth. Each person is free to follow the faith of their ancestors and what is holy for one cannot be trampled by the others. Christianity is faith in God of third part of the world’s population, which is based on the...

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Christian Worldview on Criminology

My personal worldview on criminology, as shaped by my personal experience and biblical instruction, is that understanding criminal behavior requires a balance between two philosophies: that justice via our legal system best services society, as well as the notion that criminal behavior can be influenced by socioeconomic conditions that create...

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Sacraments of Christianity

Performing the Eucharist Sacrament is the principle act of Christians during worship and practiced by both Catholic and Protestant churches. A Greek word meaning “thanksgiving,” The Eucharist, or Holy Communion, is also referred to as the Lord’s Supper, Divine Liturgy and/or Mass. Christians don’t say they “practice,” or “perform” the...

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In Response to Christianity

Prompt: What are the major differences in emphasis among Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and Protestants? Are some of these differences reconcilable and, if so, how could this be done? The dominant branches of Christianity share the overarching belief that Jesus of Nazareth sacrificed himself in order save humanity and...

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Christology and Its History

Jesus as a person and a reflection of the concept of Christianity has long been discussed and analyzed by scholars and historians, given the nature of his being and what he represented in life and in the stories pertaining to him in religious doctrines. The principle characteristics of what comprised...

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Christian Worldview

“God is the ultimate reality – the absolute foundation of everything that is” (Fredriksen, 2001). Precisely God is the source of the Universe and everything in it, as God creates the Universe in accordance of His plan. The nature of God as ultimate reality is absolute, omnipotent, and omnipresent. All...

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Christian Movement

Discussion Post 1William Carey was one of the most important characters in the global Christian movement. He came up during a time when many men were heading East from England in order to spread the gospel and convert more people in that part of the world. Because of his efforts,...

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Christian Gospel

In modern world Christian gospel is perceived differently, and Americans cannot boast unanimity in opening their hearts to God. There are those who believe in God and treat the Christian gospel as a Book of wisdom; and there are others, who do not share faith in God and perceive religion...

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Nicene Christianity

Understanding Nicene Christianity looks at the explanation via the major Christological perspectives that had been discussed in the Ecumenical Councils of the 4th century with First Council of the Nicaea (325 A.C.E) the First Council of Constantinople (381 A.C.E.) and the 5th century Council of Chalcedon (451 A.C.E). The underpinning...

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Christianity vs. Islam

Because of the world geopolitical situation, and largely in great part by a news media that continually perpetuates the divisions between Christian and Islamic culture, it is important to note that Christianity and Islam are not are as different as they may seem to the uninitiated. Firstly, it is important...

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Review of Simply Christian Book

The writer of the book starts by mentioning the essence of Christianity. There are some things that show it is important to believe in God. The first reason is the fact that people long for justice in the society that characterized by injustices (Wright, 2010). In such communities, the only...

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The Evolution of Christianity

Christmas is approaching and multiple documentaries and films revolving around Jesus Christ’s teachings are already being broadcast across the world to remind both Christians and non-Christians of how the world’s most popular religion was founded. It is interesting how over the centuries, the Catholic Church has expressed bold opinions and...

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Christian Leadership

What does it mean to be a Christian Leader? In many ways it means lowering oneself to become a servant. But power can be dangerous, even in a Christian community. Pride can arise. And a need to control. Even in the most pious of people. Everyone can fall prey to...

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Islam vs Christianity

When we examine a religion that is different from our own, in this case, Islam, we look at the five worldviews. The first is answering the question of how the world came to be. Was it God? Was it science? What does this religion say brought us here? This is...

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Muslims and America

This essay discusses my views on Christians and Muslims before and after watching an episode from the U.S. television series 30 Days, which is called “Muslims and America.” In the documentary, a Christian man Dave Stacey is placed outside his comfort zone, namely in the Muslim community. Dave has to...

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Differences between Christianity and Judaism

Differences between Christianity and Judaism have been in existence for more than two thousand years, and the disparities are primarily based on dogma. The article “Why aren’t we Christians” by Aryeh Kaplan offers useful insights into the raging debate that has consumed the Christian on the one hand and the...

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Islam, Judaism, Christianity

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all began in ancient times in the Middle East. All three recognize only one God. As might be expected, they have much in common, as well as some important differences. There is a lot of information about Christianity that is common knowledge, but information about the...

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Specific Action(s) Christians Should Take Regarding The Environment And Its Preservation Or Restoration

IntroductionAs human beings living on the same planet and being ultimately dependent on the natural produce of the earth for sustenance, all people bear a responsibility in the way the elements of the environment and natural systems are used and managed. From a Christian perspective, the first chapter of the...

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