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In Response to Christianity

Prompt: What are the major differences in emphasis among Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and Protestants? Are some of these differences reconcilable and, if so, how could this be done? The dominant branches of Christianity share the overarching belief that Jesus of Nazareth sacrificed himself in order save humanity and...

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Christology and Its History

Jesus as a person and a reflection of the concept of Christianity has long been discussed and analyzed by scholars and historians, given the nature of his being and what he represented in life and in the stories pertaining to him in religious doctrines. The principle characteristics of what comprised...

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Christian Worldview

“God is the ultimate reality – the absolute foundation of everything that is” (Fredriksen, 2001). Precisely God is the source of the Universe and everything in it, as God creates the Universe in accordance of His plan. The nature of God as ultimate reality is absolute, omnipotent, and omnipresent. All...

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Christian Movement

Discussion Post 1William Carey was one of the most important characters in the global Christian movement. He came up during a time when many men were heading East from England in order to spread the gospel and convert more people in that part of the world. Because of his efforts,...

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Christian Gospel

In modern world Christian gospel is perceived differently, and Americans cannot boast unanimity in opening their hearts to God. There are those who believe in God and treat the Christian gospel as a Book of wisdom; and there are others, who do not share faith in God and perceive religion...

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