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Nicene Christianity

Understanding Nicene Christianity looks at the explanation via the major Christological perspectives that had been discussed in the Ecumenical Councils of the 4th century with First Council of the Nicaea (325 A.C.E) the First Council of Constantinople (381 A.C.E.) and the 5th century Council of Chalcedon (451 A.C.E). The underpinning...

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Christianity vs. Islam

Because of the world geopolitical situation, and largely in great part by a news media that continually perpetuates the divisions between Christian and Islamic culture, it is important to note that Christianity and Islam are not are as different as they may seem to the uninitiated. Firstly, it is important...

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Review of Simply Christian Book

The writer of the book starts by mentioning the essence of Christianity. There are some things that show it is important to believe in God. The first reason is the fact that people long for justice in the society that characterized by injustices (Wright, 2010). In such communities, the only...

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The Evolution of Christianity

Christmas is approaching and multiple documentaries and films revolving around Jesus Christ’s teachings are already being broadcast across the world to remind both Christians and non-Christians of how the world’s most popular religion was founded. It is interesting how over the centuries, the Catholic Church has expressed bold opinions and...

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Christian Leadership

What does it mean to be a Christian Leader? In many ways it means lowering oneself to become a servant. But power can be dangerous, even in a Christian community. Pride can arise. And a need to control. Even in the most pious of people. Everyone can fall prey to...

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