Dear student,
Thank you for your well informed post on the topic under discussion. I think you have provided insightful points regarding Church and State, which could be applied to comprehend various happenings and propositions of various people. After reading your post, I have learned that the funding of schools that were run by churches was a critical issue that impacted the manner in which the state related with the church.

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Although the church aimed at imparting education and biblical knowledge to students, free schools could receive lion’s share of funding while learning institutions run by churches could keep on calling for funds that could not be availed to them. Thus, this shows that the state did not have confidence in the role of the church running institutions of learning. In addition, this implies that there was no fairness in funding education programs in the U.S. If there was fairness, both church-run and free schools could receive equal funds from the state, which was the main source of finances for learning institutions.

Previously, I did not consider that those who took their children to free public schools felt that the church-run learning institutions did not follow the state law. You have provided critical references to support the assertion. For example, you have noted that Thomas Jefferson stated that the funded schools did not teach students the Bible at the right time, but taught them to compete in reading the holy book.

In this context, the state felt that the schools ought to be punished by denying them funds to support their activities. In my opinion, in any nation, the state laws are important in guiding stakeholders in the education sector in regard to offering high quality education. Overall, your post is quite informative and many students would benefit from it.
Thank you.