Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl called Cinderella. However, Cinderella was not happy. Her mother had died when she was a young girl, and she lived a lonely time with her father. Nevertheless, her father married another widow. The widow seemed nice but deep down; she was mean. She had two daughters and loved them so much. However, she did not love Cinderella at all. The reason for the hatred is that Cinderella was pretty than her daughters. Hence, she mistreated Cinderella and overworked. Cinderella worked hard the whole day and never had time to rest. The only time she had to rest was at night, where her stepmother allowed her to stand around the fireplace. Cinderella spent much of her time with a kitten. She would play and talk with the kitten since her step sisters hated her and would not play with her. However, the kitten was enough company since he would play with Cinderella and they would stay happy together. She believed that, when the kitten miaowed, he told her she is beautiful.

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One night, new dressers came into the palace. Cinderella admired their dresses and shoes that were elegant and beautiful. She desired to have such dresses rather than the rags she often put on. The prince was to host a party that night and hence everybody was supposed to dress nicely and look good. The stepmother and her daughters dressed in their best dresses. Cinderella wanted to go to the party. However, she could not dare ask for permission to go to the part since she knew her mother could not let her. She knew that she would be quarreled and told to stay at home. As her stepsisters went to the part, Cinderella was to remain back at home. Her stepmother expected her to wash the dirty laundry, make her stepsisters’ beds and scrub the floor thoroughly. Also, she did not have nice clothes to wear to the party nor have good shoes to wear when going to the party.

When the stepsisters left, something unusual happened. Cinderella was busy playing with the kitten when rays of light lit the room, and a fairy teller appeared. She looked at Cinderella and told her to stop panicking. She told her that she knew her, and she knew that she wanted to go to the party. The fairy told Cinderella that she would ensure that she went to the party. However, Cinderella said that it was impossible seeing that she could not go to the party dressed in dirty rags. Also, she knew that the palace guards would not let her into the party. However, the fairy told her that she would change Cinderella to a smartly dressed girl. The fiery waved her wand and Cinderella was dressed in the most beautiful dress. Also, the fairy asked her to bring a watermelon, while the kitten was supposed to bring six rats. Cinderella brought the watermelon while the kitten brought the six rats. The fairy waved her wand, and the watermelon changed to a beautiful coach. Five rats changed to five white strong oxen while the sixth rat changed to a coachman with a rope. Cinderella boarded the coach and was taken to the party.

At the party, the prince danced with Cinderella. However, midnight came, and Cinderella remembered the fairy condition. Cinderella ran down the staircase dropping one of her gloves. She vanished in the dark and could not think about her glove. The prince was shocked to see Cinderella run away and ordered his soldiers to go and find the lady that the glove would fit. The soldiers searched all the ladies, and none of their hands fitted in the glove. The only girl remaining was Cinderella. The soldiers tried the glove on her hand, and it fit. As soon as the glove fit in Cinderella’s hand, the fairy appeared and she transformed Cinderella to a beautiful princess. The soldiers took her with them and brought her to the prince who married her, and they lived happily ever after.