Engineering was a profession that I considered pursuing long ago. There are many types of engineering, but the one I found most interesting was civil engineering. Civil engineering is one of the most diversified types of engineering, with several categories. Structural engineering is a category of civil engineering that deals with the construction of buildings and bridges. The construction of “roads, railroads, subway systems, and airports” (“What is Civil Engineering?”, 2012) is another section of civil engineering called transportation engineering. Another type of civil engineer has to do with hydrology or the study of water. “Water resources engineers are concerned with the problems associated with the use and control of water.” (“What is Civil Engineering ?”, n.d.) These types of engineers are responsible for the construction and management of all types of water resources, including the amount needed, water availability, water safety, and the removal as well as cleaning of dirty water. But, the categories of civil engineering does not stop with the construction of homes, businesses, and water services.Civil engineers are also responsible for the construction of jetliners and space stations in space exploration and in areas such as ship building as well as the power industry. Another industry civil engineers can be found is in the automotive industry, where they are responsible for “perfecting the load-carrying capacity of a chassis and improving the crashworthiness of bumpers and doors.” (“What is Civil Engineering?”, 2012) Construction managers are also considered as civil engineers because of there responsibility of handling the work involved in the construction field.
The field of civil engineering can be seen daily in all aspects of life. It is an industry that is full of possibilities and one of the most interesting career to consider when asking, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

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