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Civil Law

Common and Civil Systems

Introduction Since the end of World War II, there has been a continuing focus on establishing international criminal and civil legal procedures. The basic idea is to streamline the laws of different countries into a single platform. They help to provide guidance and clarity for various nations around the globe....

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Legal Traditions

There are four primary categories of legal traditions which are the common tradition, the civil tradition, the religious/philosophical tradition, and the hybrid tradition. Common law and civil law are the two legal tradition categories under which the US falls. However, the religious/philosophical law tradition could still work in the US....

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Haudenosaunee Legal Traditions

The legal tradition of the Haudenosaunee, who are also known as the Iroquois Confederacy, were important in shaping Canadian governance and democracy. This legal system continues to survive to the modern day in the indigenous communities which participate in the Iroquois Confederacy in southern Ontario and Quebec in Canada, and...

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The Culture of Law Enforcement

It is common knowledge that the culture of law enforcement is a tight knit one, one in which once acceptance is gained, an individual is a member for life, unless, of course, that they do something to break the unwritten code of brotherhood upheld by those within the profession. In...

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Juvenile Justice Process and Corrections

Juvenile offenders are required to follow strict legal process that involves court proceedings, sentencing and rehabilitation services. The procedural process of the juvenile system in Virginia is designed to ensure that juveniles receive the appropriate punishment and support after arrest. The ultimate goal of the juvenile process is to make...

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Juvenile Definition

A juvenile is any person who has not attained an age of 18 years old and therefore he or she is not eligible to stand trial in a court of law. For purpose of proceeding and disposition of a case for alleged juvenile delinquency acts, someone who has not attained...

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Insanity Defense Reform Act

The Insanity Defense Reform Act (1980) was passed after widespread criticism in the wake of John Hinckley Jr’s acquittal for the attempted assassination of President Ronald Regan. A jury found that Hinckley was not guilty on grounds of insanity. In this way, the historical significance of this act was to...

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The Fourteenth Amendment Relate To Criminal Law

The 14th amendment ratified in 1868 states that “no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States” or “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. The Fourth Amendment protects the “right of...

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Judicial Appointment Process

The debate over the judicial appointments and issues of justice have long been subject for debate, from the selection process itself to whether campaign funding frustrates the ideal of justice and impartibility. Indeed, any society that advocates liberty and justice as their core principal is dependent on an independent and...

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Purpose of Prisons

Unfortunately, prisons and jails are a necessary part of society. While a utopian society where everyone follows all applicable laws may seem ideal, it is not likely. Humans are prone to flaws, including illegal and immoral behavior. Prisons were designed to deal with individuals who commit illegal behavior. However, the...

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Commercial Law

Introduction This paper is a discussion concerning the commercial laws involved in an inherent sale of a newly discovered technological product. This paper shall evaluate the laws involved and the legal implications associated with such a transaction. Assuming that two parties, a seller, and a buyer, agree to enter into...

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Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley

There have been several laws that have been passed to regulate the American financial companies. In 2002, the Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act while in 2010, President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Amendment (Kerschberg, 2011). The two legislation have a significant influence on the practices of American companies....

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Tort Law: Problem Solving

The cases of Paul and Sarah fall under Tort law. Tort law is essentially a law of responsibility. It makes it possible for persons to be held accountable or responsible for having injured other(s) wrongfully (Dratler 24). The person whose negligence leads to the injury of another becomes a ‘tortfeasor’....

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A Procedure in Accordance with Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

Vector Inc. is a Company specializing on electronics distribution and has 30 employees. The company adheres to the laws and regulation set by the country’s business regulators. Conflict of Interest This refers to any activity that is erratic with or against vector’s best interest or that depicts indecency or divided...

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Civil Rights Complaint

The means by which one files a privacy report to the Office of Civil Rights used to be extremely cumbersome and burdensome. In the event that a scenario like the one described happened to me, I would be fully within my rights to file a complaint, because my medical information...

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Alaska Foreclosure Laws

In the state of Alaska, lenders are allowed to foreclose on defaulted mortgages or deeds of trust utilizing either a non-judicial or fully judicial process. Foreclosure is a legal procedure in which one who lends attempts to recover the missing balance of a loan which a borrower failed to make...

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Charges Against Ben

Ben may be charged with conspiracy to commit grand larceny. At issue is whether Ben entered into an agreement to commit the underlying crime. In order for a conspiracy to have been committed, there must be an agreement by two or more parties to commit a crime, with knowledge by...

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Contract Law Issues

Debbie has come to our office seeking legal advice as to several contract issues involving the purchase and sale of rare stamps, and specifically whether she has any possible causes of action and/or remedies against Bob and/or Alan, who are among the parties involved in the proposed transaction, be it...

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12 Angry Men: A Legal Analysis

The movie 12 Angry Men focuses on Jury deliberations regarding a case involving a boy accused of stabbing his father to death. Over the course of the movie one dissenting juror convinces the others that the case is not as obvious or clear cut as it seemed in court. He...

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Immigration Law

There are roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. At current, many of these individuals live beneath the protection of the law, and have little legitimate means of attaining citizenship. Because they fear deportation, many of these individuals work in jobs where they are paid in cash, and...

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