There are many reasons why the classic art of Greece and Rome remains important to the world generally and especially to Art History today. It is important because it gives insight to the other knowledge which was produced at the time, it is important as a clear indication of the skill and level of development of ancient peoples and it is important as a genre of art in its own right.The art of any civilization helps us to understand more about its culture, and this is helpful to position the knowledge and philosophies which were developed in the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Further, the various trends and changes in the art produced in that time gives important information about the development and history of its people.
This art of the Ancient Greeks and Romans is important because it makes clear that art and skill is not only the domain of the modern artist. While technologies of the time were very limited there were many artists whose dedication, vision and talent continue to be examples of the best that human civilization has had to offer.
The art of the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans stands on its own as an artistic genre to be recognized in its own right due to the quality of the work and the experience that it continues to evoke centuries later. Any art with that power should be studied, in terms of Art History but also in terms of methods and the wider social and cultural context in which the art was created.
The classic art of the Greeks and Romans is likely to remain a standard of Art History, as it has considerable importance to understanding the history of human civilization through its art, because of the skills and techniques which the works display and because the artworks themselves have a timeliness ability to create a response in the individual exposed to it.

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