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Classical Music

Mozart’s Requiem Reception Work Completion

The presentation of this article is based on the all-roundness or completeness of art. The completeness of this presentation is based on points of scholarly inquiry of aesthetic, historical, theoretical reception which are related to the study of Mozart’s and Mozart’s music. From this article’s presentation, art is used as...

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Summary: Physics of Musical Instruments

The video “Physics of Musical Instruments” discusses the physics of sound and how musical instruments work to produce music. It is the disturbance of the air that creates the sound wave by moving the air particles. The sound waves are then received by the ears and interpreted by the brain....

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Classical Music

Classical music is a genre of music that not many people in today’s society appreciate. The style is associated with outdated customs and traditions. However, in the 21st century, there are still customs and traditions, just new ones. Music was created for self-expression and to elicit specific emotions from the...

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Performing Medieval Music Today

Medieval music has gained popularity in the last two decades. Since 1990s, the medieval music has managed to penetrate the highest echelons of the world of classical music. Yet, when asked, no reputable medieval music performers date to say they sing truly authentic music and offer different vocal interpretations of...

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Ludwig van Beethoven And Romantic Music

The idea of romanticism and the Romantic period in music is frequently inconsistent and fraught with internal contradictions. Its boundaries and essential qualities – as with most convenient periodizations in the history of the arts – are subject to much debate. One composer, however, seems to embody almost all of...

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Claude Debussy

Born in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France on August 22, 1862, Achilles-Claude Debussy was one of the most influential and prominent composers of the 19th ad early 20th centuries. He was often associated with Impressionistic music, although he was not fond of this term when referring to his music. He was best known...

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Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in d minor, Op. 125

Ludvig van Beethoven was a composer of the late Classical, early Romantic periods who lived between 1770 and 1827 (“Ludwig Van Beethoven”). At a young age, he gravitated towards the piano and this was where his musical studies began, eventually becoming a prolific composer of his time and one of...

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The History Of Opera

The opera has evolved since its beginnings in the 1600s. People who attend the opera have also evolved since that time as well. As the styles and times and technologies have changed and changed the opera, it has also affected the audiences who attend opera as well. The opera traces...

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Biography on Wolfgang Mozart

Mozart was born on 27th January, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria. He was capable of playing multiple musical instruments from an early age; he played the clarinet, keyboard and violin in public at the age of six years. His success in music at an early age was influenced by his father,...

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Playing Mozart’s Music to Infants Boosts Their Intelligence

The myth of the "Mozart Effect" holds that having children listen to the music of the eighteenth-century Classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart increases their intelligence. While initially assumed to impact infants in early developmental stages, the myth was later expanded to include babies in utero. It was widely believed that...

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Report on Tricentennial Festival for the San Antonio Orchestra

There are countless cultural events that are available for audiences to enjoy in the city of San Antonio. Venues can offer anything from country music to classical, which attracts an eclectic audience. This report focuses on the “Beethoven’s Eroica” performance which was part of the Tricentennial celebration of the founding...

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Classical Music Concert Report

That's a sample classical music concert report, which can be used by any student absolutely free of charge. Whether you've visited a symphonic or orchestral music concert, this report will come in handy! I went to a symphony in classical music in New York City at the New York Philaharmonic....

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Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera has been around for generations, dating back to the eleventh century. It was quite popular in the Qing Dynasty Court where tea-houses would often also serve as a theatre. Changes and variations have taken place through the years and Chinese Opera has spread throughout the country, reaching broader...

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Grossmont Symphony Orchestra Concert Report

I attended the following detailed performance of the Grossmont Symphony Orchestra when they performed at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church this October. In order to properly document my thoughts and opinions on each piece performed, I will be listing the pieces below, followed immediately by my reactions. Firstly,...

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Chinese Opera and Clarke Viola Sonata

Throughout history, musical compositions have been influenced by many different cultures, allowing composers and other musicians alike to be inspired by music that speaks to them and then taking certain elements to create unique pieces. Consequently, music from more modern times is often reminiscent of past musical styles from all...

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Classical and Jazz Music

Classical Music:One important feature of classical music is that it has traditionally excluded non-musical elements such as words, pictures, or actions; as such, classical music seeks to evoke human emotion purely through musical elements. Through the use of multiple instruments, complicated scores and arrangements, and layered harmonies, classical composers instead...

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Mozart and Beethoven

Mozart (1756-1791) and Beethoven (1770-1827) gifted the world with hundreds of works that played a key role in making the “Classical Period” one of the greatest periods in the history of music – even though Beethoven is often acclaimed as a great Romantic composer. Born in Salzburg, Austria, Mozart was...

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