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Classical Music

Mozart’s Requiem Reception Work Completion

The presentation of this article is based on the all-roundness or completeness of art. The completeness of this presentation is based on points of scholarly inquiry of aesthetic, historical, theoretical reception which are related to the study of Mozart’s and Mozart’s music. From this article’s presentation, art is used as...

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Summary: Physics of Musical Instruments

The video “Physics of Musical Instruments” discusses the physics of sound and how musical instruments work to produce music. It is the disturbance of the air that creates the sound wave by moving the air particles. The sound waves are then received by the ears and interpreted by the brain....

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Classical Music

Classical music is a genre of music that not many people in today’s society appreciate. The style is associated with outdated customs and traditions. However, in the 21st century, there are still customs and traditions, just new ones. Music was created for self-expression and to elicit specific emotions from the...

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Performing Medieval Music Today

Medieval music has gained popularity in the last two decades. Since 1990s, the medieval music has managed to penetrate the highest echelons of the world of classical music. Yet, when asked, no reputable medieval music performers date to say they sing truly authentic music and offer different vocal interpretations of...

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Ludwig van Beethoven And Romantic Music

The idea of romanticism and the Romantic period in music is frequently inconsistent and fraught with internal contradictions. Its boundaries and essential qualities – as with most convenient periodizations in the history of the arts – are subject to much debate. One composer, however, seems to embody almost all of...

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