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Classical Music

Report on Tricentennial Festival for the San Antonio Orchestra

There are countless cultural events that are available for audiences to enjoy in the city of San Antonio. Venues can offer anything from country music to classical, which attracts an eclectic audience. This report focuses on the “Beethoven’s Eroica” performance which was part of the Tricentennial celebration of the founding...

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Classical Music Concert Report

That's a sample classical music concert report, which can be used by any student absolutely free of charge. Whether you've visited a symphonic or orchestral music concert, this report will come in handy! I went to a symphony in classical music in New York City at the New York Philaharmonic....

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Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera has been around for generations, dating back to the eleventh century. It was quite popular in the Qing Dynasty Court where tea-houses would often also serve as a theatre. Changes and variations have taken place through the years and Chinese Opera has spread throughout the country, reaching broader...

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Grossmont Symphony Orchestra Concert Report

I attended the following detailed performance of the Grossmont Symphony Orchestra when they performed at St. John of the Cross Catholic Church this October. In order to properly document my thoughts and opinions on each piece performed, I will be listing the pieces below, followed immediately by my reactions. Firstly,...

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Chinese Opera and Clarke Viola Sonata

Throughout history, musical compositions have been influenced by many different cultures, allowing composers and other musicians alike to be inspired by music that speaks to them and then taking certain elements to create unique pieces. Consequently, music from more modern times is often reminiscent of past musical styles from all...

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