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The Classification Of Uber Drivers

Uber is a start-up company based in San Francisco, California which has been the subject of many lawsuits with regard to its operations worldwide. The company, which bills itself as a technology service providing ride sharing capabilities connects people who need a ride with drivers willing to do so, streamlining...

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Outline For Classification Essay – Focus On Changes In One’s Life

Introduction Attention Grabber: Time lost can never be regained once it has been lost. Time management is a concern for people in every stage in their life and it is one of the most important skills that a college student can learn. Transition: This statement applies to every aspect of...

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Types of Friends

Human beings are social animals. Most of us usually have numerous friends because we need friends not only to have an enjoyable life but also to grow as individuals. Our friends share our sorrows and joys and they help us better understand ourselves. Not all friendships are created equal because...

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Road Type Classification Using Deep Learning

The modern society today boasts of the power of machine learning technology that ranges from web searches to recommendations on e-commerce websites. The machine learning systems help in the object identification of images, speech transcription and even in the selection of results of a search (Arel et al., 2010). The...

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Amnesia – Different Types

Amnesia is a disease with symptoms of lack of memory or incomplete memories of the events. It can be spontaneous and often temporary. Memories come back in chronological order, starting with the oldest. The memories of the last events preceding the amnesia often do not come back. Causes of amnesia...

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How To Write Classification Essays

The main idea behind a division and classification essay is organizing or sorting things into different categories. There are several steps to remember when creating a good classification essay. This guide will highlight these steps with practical examples to ease the process.

What is a classification essay?

This type of essay is an academic paper which classifies character, ideas, or even objects into specific categories or groups. This classification and division essay is quite common in high schools and colleges but can be present in other higher levels of education as well.

How to write a classification essay

Below are a few steps to follow:

  1. Gather ideas
  2. You need to get ideas for your essay before starting. However, if you already have a topic to work with, this may not be necessary. In the absence of a topic, here are some classification essay topics to serve as examples:

    • Types of modern literature
    • Types of contemporary comedians
    • Types of diets
    • Types of democratic societies
    • Types of religious individuals
    • Categories of animal activists
    • Study habits of high school students
    • Types of atheists
    • People’s attitudes towards spending
    • Dancing styles

    Any idea that catches your attention can become an essay topic. After picking your preferred topic, go online to find some information on it. You should have enough material to support your argument if you pick a good topic. It will also help you write it smoothly without wasting time.

  3. Create the thesis statement
  4. This statement is the essay’s foundation. It helps the reader to understand the main approaches you will use in the paper. It also sets expectations for the reader. The statement gives the readers a summary of the paper while also guiding your writing.

  5. Planning
  6. When your topic and thesis statement is ready, the next step is planning. Plan your timeline by determining how much time you would need to research, write and edit.

    After setting your timeframe, plan the outline. The research should have given you a good idea of what to write about. Developing the outline is like the preliminary research you conducted. Simply try to provide the ideas in the right spots in the essay.

    Fit the right ideas into the introduction, body and conclusion. The outline should cover all examples and supporting ideas that explain the classifications. The thesis statement should also be at the end of the introductory part of the essay.

  7. Research
  8. You need more research to explain the categories for your essay. Since you already have some information in your outline, use it to research. As you research, cite reliable sources in the paper. This makes it more trustworthy.

    Start by defining each category. Make them clear and informative. Remember to list the characteristics of the categories and how they will be discussed. Most times, there will be differences or similarities in the category. However, you shouldn’t shy away from writing them because that is the point of a classification essay.

  9. Write your essay
  10. After the second research, it is time to start writing. If you follow the previous stages religiously, the writing part will be a lot easier. All the information you need would be available, the outline is ready, so all you need is to connect the points coherently.

    Start with the introductory part. This part contains the subject, and the overall concept to attract the attention of the reader. After this part, the thesis statement is next and it explains the classifications.

    The body comes next and there is no specific template for this. The number of paragraphs depend on how many categories you have on your outline. However, you should not include so many categories to avoid blurring your classification.

    Each paragraph must be linked to the one before and it should be well arranged. Try to maintain a logical progression no matter what arrangement you choose.

    The conclusion part is for summarizing the points in the paper.

Here are some writing tips for your essay:

We’ve Got Your Back With Essay Examples

To create a good classification essay, you need to gather ideas, create a thesis statement, plan, research and write the essay. These steps highlighted above can help make it easier.

There are lots of classification and division essay examples online to give you a head start. MyPaperWriter has a great collection of classification essay examples for students who need some ideas to work with.