Climate change is one of the factors that has cause a big threat to the existence and comfort of humanity on earth. Global warming is on of the theories that have been perceived to a have a possible explanation on the cause of climate change. According to the global warming ideology, there has been a consistent and gradual increase in the temperatures of the earth as a result of human activities. The perceived human and industrial activities have led to the emergency of a greenhouse effect whose ultimate effects is the greenhouse effect. The global warming creed has generated massive debate attracting supporters and opponents almost in equal measure (Hawkins, 2014).

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Global warming is clearly a hoax. The advent of the global debate was marked around late 1980s. The environmentalists and climatologists supporting the global warming theory are basing their argument on a misrepresentation of scientific facts (Bethell, 2005). On of the most common basis of the argument is the fact that human activities like burning of fossil fuels is generating a lot of Carbon IV Oxide and other greenhouse gases. However, carbon IV oxide is a very essential gas that that had existed long before the existence of the debate and it is very essential for plants for their physiological processes (Bethell, 2005).

According to the surface data, the carbon IV oxide that is generated as a result of human activity is not a significant cause of increased temperatures. Considering the period before the emergence of the global warming debate between 1940 and 1975, the cola-fired industries emitted heavy fumes without any considerations and without restrictions from policies (Bethell, 2005). Contrary to the global warming claim, this led to cooling effect on the earth. There was an occurrence of a solar anomaly that led to the increase in temperature. Therefore, if the global warming ideology is real, it could have been reflected through a steady and consistent representation of facts from the time of industrial revolution.

One of the dissatisfying factors about the global warming is the portrayal of massive inconstancies (Patrick, 2014). The hypothesis that is used to generate the global warming theory is based on the average temperate of the earth. It is however unclear on how the scientists come up with the trends indicating the steady global rise because when one part of the world is experiencing extremely high temperate, there are other parts that are at their freezing points. A typical representation of these extremes is exhibited by the climatic trends in North America and Australia. The biggest setbacks that the proponents of global warming are facing is the lack of substantial evidence to back their predictions. These scientists rely on computer and statistical models to enhance their argument. The simulations adopted by these models do not explain their claims by covering all parameters that can be used to make a logical conclusion (Patrick, 2014). Figure 1. Indicates how some of the models predict a cooling trend while others show warming that is likely to start around 2050 (Patrick, 2014).

According to the EPA data on the climate trends shown in the article by Adams (2014) , the temperatures that were experienced in the 1930s were very high as compared to the temperatures that are experienced in on earth today (Adams, 2014). According to these trends, the ideology of global warming clearly fails to materialize because these periods when the temperatures were very severe, the amount of fossil fuels that were being burnt by human activity were less as compared to what is experienced today (Adams, 2014). Therefore, considering the evidence of climate change of the years, the global warming is not logical because it fails to uphold the integrity of climatic facts.

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