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Climate Change Hoax

Climate change is one of the factors that has cause a big threat to the existence and comfort of humanity on earth. Global warming is on of the theories that have been perceived to a have a possible explanation on the cause of climate change. According to the global warming...

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Hurricane Katrina Essay

It is not an exaggeration to say that Hurricane Katrina represents one of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history. At least 1,833 are reported to have died or gone missing as an outcome of the hurricane, which was formed on August 23, 2005. According to official records, nearly one million...

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Amazon Deforestation Essay

Deforestation is the biggest challenge that is affecting the Amazon forest. The cutting down of vegetation in the vegetation has facilitated a change in the ecosystem thus reducing the quality of natural life in the forest. The deforestation has led to various consequences in the forest and its environments. Some...

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Deforestation And Its Impact on Climate Change

Although the Industrial Revolution was one of the most important developments in nearly every field of human knowledge, it did not come without a price. As the mass industrialization of the earth requires a staggering amount of resources, these resources continue to be extracted and spent at an accelerated rate....

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Climate Change: The Common Good

In contemporary society, climate change represents a growing global crises which as of yet has not been adequately addressed on the global stage. While arguments supporting action against climate change have been ongoing over the last couple of decades, it is only recently that it has been conclusively shown human...

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Environmental Change Annotated Bibliography

Jacob, Daniel J. and Darrell A. Winner. "Effect of climate change on air quality." Atmospheric Environment 2009: 51-63. In this research study, Daniel J. Jacob of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University and Darrell A. Winner from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigate the potential impact...

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Deforestation Impact on Climate Change

Why is Brazilian Amazon Being Destroyed 15 percent of the Amazon forest area located in Brazil has been destroyed. There are several players responsible for this high deforestation rate of Brazilian Amazon. One of them are land grabbers who employ fraud and violence to claim land. Similarly, loggers also cut...

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Problems Of The Global Warming

Politicians continue to argue over whether or not global warming, also called climate change, is actually happening. While they argue, it continues to happen. That is the basis of science: whether you believe it or not, it continues to happen. This is one of the reasons why global warming is...

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How is the Trump Presidency Affecting the Politics of Climate Change?

The scientific evidence for humans accelerating climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases is strong (Wu, Lu, Zhou, Chen, and Xu, 2016; Norris, Allen, Evan, Zelinka, O’dell, and Klein, 2016). The impacts of climate change include the observable increase in rate of ice caps melting, rising ocean levels, stronger...

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Problem Pitch Bibliography: The use of Biofuel and Climate Change

CQ Researcher: Climate Change: Is tougher action needed to slow rising temperatures?Clemmitt’s article reviews the seriousness of climate change and the irreversibility of the impacts of carbon emissions in light of actions taken by governments around the world, and finds their efforts to be lacking in terms of the possible...

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Global Warming And Its Dangers

Today global warming is one of the most challenging environmental difficulties experienced across the world. It threatens the health and wellbeing of the global inhabitants and global economies. As a result of global warming, we are currently experiencing intense heat and storms across the world. Along these whether changes experienced...

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Global Warming – Causes And Effects

According to Rahul Kakkara, global warming is steady rise in the temperatures of the earth surface including ice caps and oceans largely attributed increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the temperature of the earth’s surface has increased by...

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Global Warming Changes Over Time

Global warming is the slight increase in earth temperatures which includes its atmosphere and the temperature of the oceans as well. This rise in global temperatures is said to be caused by some human activities that lead to emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases include carbon...

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Global Warming Causes and Mitigation

Introduction A gradual increase in the average earth temperature as a result of an increase in greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide and methane) levels is a phenomenon referred to as global warming. The term global warming has been coined mostly by the press in arguments that have ended in some even...

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The Role of Ocean Circulation in the Distribution of Heat around the World

The study of mass water flows or currents is critical to appreciating how heat energy is cycled between the earth’s atmosphere, landmasses, and water bodies. More than 70% of the world is covered by ocean, which in turn holds more than 95% of the world’s total water making oceans a...

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Water and Drought in California: Article Summaries

Article 1 Summary: California snowpack lowest in past 500 years The scientific study highlighting a significant drop in snow pack mainly concluded that the significant reduction in spring mountain snowpack which supply’s California with fresh water indicates a low unmatched for the first time in 500 years; and also an...

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The Social Effects Of Climate Change

It is almost impossible to separate the scientific, economic and political implications from the massive social impact that climate change is already having on our global population. This is the ultimate concern for me; the wellbeing of all people and the likelihood that huge numbers of people will have to...

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Global Warming Is Real: Summary and Critique

Craig Welch is an environment writer at National Geographic. He has been writing about environmental issues for 14 years and is the author of ‘Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn’.In his article, ‘Global Warming Is Real—But 13 Degrees? Not So Fast’, he investigates the likelihood of recent claims by scientists that...

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Climate Change in 2010s

Global warming has been one of the most controversial topics in Science. However, there are a lot of information that are not proven evidently in order to tell the true causes and effects of global warming. According to the article, We just broke the record for hottest year, nine straight...

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School Climate Research Essay

Practicum Environment DescriptionThe practicum environment is a Colorado lower school which serves students from pre-school through eighth grade. There are 467 female students who comprise 48.6% of the total enrollment group, and 494 males, who represent 51.4%. of the enrollment group. The student base is considered to be culturally diverse...

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