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Cloud Computing

Effect Of Outsourcing Services In The It Industry

Cloud computing is the kind of application which provides services and resources to needy computers and devices within the vicinity. This is commonly applicable where local servers and personal devices are not required to handle the task. In the information technology, the word ‘cloud’ is an allegory for ‘internet’; thus,...

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Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing is an idea that is currently receiving attention from all corners of the society. Government institutions, private enterprises, and individuals are rapidly joining the cloud society in large numbers. The movement has been termed by some professional as ‘’digital migration’’ (Buyya et al., 2013). The digital migration, as...

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Network Management Components

CloudCrushers is a global consulting organization that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company has other regional offices in different countries including England, Japan and India. Network management is important for this organization as it helps ensure that the organization can satisfy the diverse needs of customers. There are...

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Research Cloud Computing Topologies

A leading concern in managing cloud topologies is data safety and security. In cloud computing, the service is accommodated by the cloud service provider who transmits the client’s security and the privacy to the cloud service provider (Moreno-Vozmediano, Montero & Llorente, 2013). This is risky as information has been shared...

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Managing Data in the Cloud

Cloud computing enables companies to easily have all their data online and the data can be easily synced between different devices, departments and branches thus increasing the efficiency of data sharing (Aung & Min, 2014). However, with the improvement of this technology, there has been an increased concern over the...

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