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Cloud Computing

Effect Of Outsourcing Services In The It Industry

Cloud computing is the kind of application which provides services and resources to needy computers and devices within the vicinity. This is commonly applicable where local servers and personal devices are not required to handle the task. In the information technology, the word ‘cloud’ is an allegory for ‘internet’; thus,...

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Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing is an idea that is currently receiving attention from all corners of the society. Government institutions, private enterprises, and individuals are rapidly joining the cloud society in large numbers. The movement has been termed by some professional as ‘’digital migration’’ (Buyya et al., 2013). The digital migration, as...

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Network Management Components

CloudCrushers is a global consulting organization that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company has other regional offices in different countries including England, Japan and India. Network management is important for this organization as it helps ensure that the organization can satisfy the diverse needs of customers. There are...

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Research Cloud Computing Topologies

A leading concern in managing cloud topologies is data safety and security. In cloud computing, the service is accommodated by the cloud service provider who transmits the client’s security and the privacy to the cloud service provider (Moreno-Vozmediano, Montero & Llorente, 2013). This is risky as information has been shared...

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Managing Data in the Cloud

Cloud computing enables companies to easily have all their data online and the data can be easily synced between different devices, departments and branches thus increasing the efficiency of data sharing (Aung & Min, 2014). However, with the improvement of this technology, there has been an increased concern over the...

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Cloud Technology

For business and personal use, efficient, scalable, and affordable cloud computing is very important. However, there are still several concerns about cloud computing from a security point of view. These security concerns will leave the user vulnerable if proper action is not taken towards addressing the issues. One of the...

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Cloud Storage Providers

A cloud storage is a computing model that helps store data on the internet using a cloud-computing provider who operates and manages the storage of data as a service. Cloud storage is delivered based on capacity demand and cost. Cloud storage eliminates the need for managing an independent data storage...

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From the description given in the case, CloudCrushers can operate on both local and wide area networks. For this reason, the best protocol to use is a combination of LAN and WAN network protocol. LAN is a local network protocol that many firms and organizations use in office buildings and...

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Cloud-Based Computing

This paper proposes the usage of programming portrayed arranging (SDN) to fulfill adaptable, transparent, high throughput knowledge trade as a framework advantage (Liu et al., 2017, pp.1-2). The proposed game plan, called Steroid OpenFlow Service (SOS) is adaptable to any number of customers up to the available framework information transmission,...

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Internal IT Infrastructure vs. Cloud Computing Services

The particular trend known as exponential growth was first documented in 1965 utilizing a proposed pattern based on proven statistics and mathematics by a man named Gordon E. Moore, a co-founder of Intel Corporation. The law, now known as Moore's Law, states that "transistors on a dense integrated circuit shrink...

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Cloud And Networking Infrastructure

How does use of the cloud affect the local environment?The use of cloud computing improves the environment by reducing the energy consumption (Yonatan, 2015). It inherently reduces hardware requirements that in turn reduces resource redundancy and energy consumption. The use of cloud computing also reduces the energy emissions that are...

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Connection Methods for Cisco Devices

Telnet protocol allows one to create a TCP/IP connection on a host. With Telnet, one can set up TCP connection to access a remote server and pass keystrokes between devices. Telnet can use either a domain name or an IP address as an address for the remote device. The prerequisites...

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Wiki and Cloud Learning Environments

Centuries ago, during the BCs and ADs, first forms of writing appeared in the caves, on slates, and rocks. After many years, human civilization ushered in an ear of ink and paper form of writing (Marton et al., 2017). Ink and paper manual writing defined the education system for many...

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Cloud Use and Network Availability

The cloud embodies the idea of having access to the information that you need anytime and anywhere. Availability are closely related. The cloud gives companies the ability to have an office without a physical office. People can work remotely from anywhere around the world using cloud technology. However, if the...

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Cloud Solutions For Business

IntroductionIn recent years, the innovation of cloud computing has become prevalent, displacing most of the identified traditional computational methodologies. Presently, it is normal to access content independently through the Internet without referring to the original hosting infrastructure. For businesses, cloud computing presents endless benefits. There is a high possibility that...

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Wireless Data Acquisition

The Term Wi-Fi denotes wireless networking technology. Instead of using cables for connections, a Wi-Fi setting employs radio waves. Wireless data acquisition during a forensic investigation involves gathering waves emanating from measurement sources, digitizing them for storage, retrieval when needed, analysis, and presentation. Data acquisition devices come in different hardware...

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Business Value of Cloud Computing

Data is perhaps more important in the healthcare industry than in any other industry. The healthcare industry is data intensive as patient data is continually charted and updated. In the healthcare industry there is no room for dirty data. The risks regarding data are high in the healthcare industry. Not...

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