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Cloud Computing

Cloud Technology

For business and personal use, efficient, scalable, and affordable cloud computing is very important. However, there are still several concerns about cloud computing from a security point of view. These security concerns will leave the user vulnerable if proper action is not taken towards addressing the issues. One of the...

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Cloud Storage Providers

A cloud storage is a computing model that helps store data on the internet using a cloud-computing provider who operates and manages the storage of data as a service. Cloud storage is delivered based on capacity demand and cost. Cloud storage eliminates the need for managing an independent data storage...

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From the description given in the case, CloudCrushers can operate on both local and wide area networks. For this reason, the best protocol to use is a combination of LAN and WAN network protocol. LAN is a local network protocol that many firms and organizations use in office buildings and...

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Cloud-Based Computing

This paper proposes the usage of programming portrayed arranging (SDN) to fulfill adaptable, transparent, high throughput knowledge trade as a framework advantage (Liu et al., 2017, pp.1-2). The proposed game plan, called Steroid OpenFlow Service (SOS) is adaptable to any number of customers up to the available framework information transmission,...

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Internal IT Infrastructure vs. Cloud Computing Services

The particular trend known as exponential growth was first documented in 1965 utilizing a proposed pattern based on proven statistics and mathematics by a man named Gordon E. Moore, a co-founder of Intel Corporation. The law, now known as Moore's Law, states that "transistors on a dense integrated circuit shrink...

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