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Cloud Computing

Cloud And Networking Infrastructure

How does use of the cloud affect the local environment?The use of cloud computing improves the environment by reducing the energy consumption (Yonatan, 2015). It inherently reduces hardware requirements that in turn reduces resource redundancy and energy consumption. The use of cloud computing also reduces the energy emissions that are...

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Connection Methods for Cisco Devices

Telnet protocol allows one to create a TCP/IP connection on a host. With Telnet, one can set up TCP connection to access a remote server and pass keystrokes between devices. Telnet can use either a domain name or an IP address as an address for the remote device. The prerequisites...

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Wiki and Cloud Learning Environments

Centuries ago, during the BCs and ADs, first forms of writing appeared in the caves, on slates, and rocks. After many years, human civilization ushered in an ear of ink and paper form of writing (Marton et al., 2017). Ink and paper manual writing defined the education system for many...

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Cloud Use and Network Availability

The cloud embodies the idea of having access to the information that you need anytime and anywhere. Availability are closely related. The cloud gives companies the ability to have an office without a physical office. People can work remotely from anywhere around the world using cloud technology. However, if the...

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Cloud Solutions For Business

IntroductionIn recent years, the innovation of cloud computing has become prevalent, displacing most of the identified traditional computational methodologies. Presently, it is normal to access content independently through the Internet without referring to the original hosting infrastructure. For businesses, cloud computing presents endless benefits. There is a high possibility that...

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