Coca-Cola is one of the biggest companies in the world. Every year, it uses billions of money on marketing alone (Pendergrast, 2013). The company has used it’s already presence in global market to establish another product in Australia. The milk that Coca-Cola is marketing is being market as of superior quality than natural milk. By marketing it as having more calcium than natural milk and half the sugar content, it attracts people who want to live a healthy life. Currently, obesity is one of the serious issues in developing countries (Crawford, 2010).

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As such, Coca-Cola wants to attract these customers by giving its product a healthy feel than what the natural milk can offer. The marketing of the product is based on natural milk rather than other milk products in the market. Comparing the product with natural milk makes Coca-Cola’s milk product superior than the other milk products in the market. People will be comparing natural milk to Coca-Cola’s products.Another marketing strategy employed by Coca-Cola in boosting its milk product is the geographical area where it is being launched. Australia is known for its large ranches and also as a developed country. If the people of Australia will believe in the drink and purchase, most other countries in the world will also purchase the Milk product. Introduction to third world countries will be easier if a developed country such as Australia accepts the product.

The company has also released the products to only a few selected supermarkets. This is to developed interest in the product by limiting its availability in the market. The few people who will consume it will provide reviews which the company can take and remake the product and redistribute it to the rest of the populations. The product by coca cola has taken all the measures as seen in the article in gaining ensuring the success of the product.