What happens when critical services are subject to a strike, how does it affect the general public?
Strikes leads to many factors that contribute to some activities in the communities and to the world as a whole, of which some of these factors are positive or negative. These factors have a major impact on the general public and some of which affect the human daily operations within the business in relation to the general public. The major factors include development, the state of once country financial position, production of the company or organization and so on.

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Development is one of the major things that a country strives daily to achieve and to ensure that the country at one day is at a sustainable position to provide some of the fundamental services to the citizens who pay taxes. There are a number of factors that may make a country not to achieve its various development goals and strike is one of them. When workers strike, the daily operations of an organization that yields profit will not be successful in that particular day of the strike. This means that if the strike prolongs for a week, the company or the organization will not make enough profit as expected. This will give the management a hectic time in balancing the available cash to cater for the companies need like additional of raw materials, repairs, payment of the employees and so on. If the employees are not paid efficiently, for instance, they will not be able to pay taxes also. This will affect the general public since the government will also have a hard time in budgeting.

The state of a countries financial position also matters when it comes to the effects of the strike to the general public. A good example that can be used is a third world country whereby the state is already in debts and at the same time, no commercial activities taking place that will earn the country revenue. This probably happens due to the greed of the top political leaders and the top government officials who make an agreement with some of the biggest investors and the company only forces the government on negotiations about tax alone without considering other factors like environmental regulations, employment regulations and the labor laws of specific countries. This most likely affects the bigger companies or the industry leaders, for example, Coca-Cola, who look for favorable investment conditions to help them beat the competition.

The management of an organization or a company is another factor contributes to the chances of strike occurring, that will affect the general public. There are various ways in which if the management does not control and direct the organization, the employees will not feel comfortable and this may lead to a strike. These are some of the common instances; if the management does not handle some of the employee’s grievances properly will lead to a strike, if the management does not respond to the employees at the required time and if the management is oppressing the employees. These are some of the common instances that occur leading to the organization not performing as expected due to frequent strikes as the only solution too. This bars either the production or manufacturing processes that will help the organization achieve its objectives.

A strike is one of the factors that pull down a nation and companies should always have a clear structure and organized workflows to enable them to avoid strikes that bars them from their day to day activities that leads to and satisfaction to the general public and them achieving their objectives.

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