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Coca Cola

Review of the Article “Coca-Cola and the Cold War”

The article “Coca-Cola and the Cold War: The French Face Americanization, 1948-1953”, is a great resource for those studying political conflict between America and France using the Coca-Cola company as a case study. Richard F. Kuisel’s talks about the conflict between France and America over domination. The French thought that...

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Coca-Cola Strategy Analysis

Coca-Cola’s differentiation strategy extends to more than just its products, but to itself as a brand. The business has evolved with ever-changing consumer tastes and expectations. Coca-Cola has looked toward creating a “total beverage advantage” that allows the company to quickly adapt to changing consumer tastes no matter the location,...

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Maslow Theory and Coca Cola

Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs theory attempts to understand human motivation, personal development, and management training. The theory is relevant to employers as it concerns to provide a working place environment that enables and encourages employees to achieve self-actualization. From an employee management view, the Maslow theory has relevant implications for...

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Coca Cola vs Pepsi

The marketing war between Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola is gaining new attention, which is providing more popularity for the trademarks. Historically, both brands have been niche drinks; trying to gain more and more consumers. Fans of both brands are paying attention to such differences flavors and advertising strategy, although there are...

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Coca Cola Strike

What happens when critical services are subject to a strike, how does it affect the general public? Strikes leads to many factors that contribute to some activities in the communities and to the world as a whole, of which some of these factors are positive or negative. These factors have...

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