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Reading Reflection: Leadership and Collaboration

The thing that inspires me as a teacher is helping students develop independence, to learn to solve their own problems and develop and appreciate their own abilities. In order to continue to develop my curriculum skills, assessment, and understanding of children’s thinking and learning I plan to always pursue my...

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Interprofessional Collaboration and Nursing Practice Essay

Healthcare organizations strive to improve the quality of services through promoting access to diverse services to the patients. The dynamic nature of health care is one of the most common challenges facing the organizations’ objectives. The transformations keep changing the health care needs and thus posing threats to success of...

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Access vs. Excel: A Comparison and Analysis

There are many reasons to adopt Access over Excel in the business environment. Excel is an ideal application for organizations that want to analyze data. Thus, if Party Plates wanted to analyze the number of customers purchasing a specific type of product over a defined period, Excel would prove an...

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Collaboration Within A Multidisciplinary Team

In their study “Building the Multidisciplinary Team for Management of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma” researchers Naugler, Alsina, Frenette, Rossaro, and Sellers (2015) discuss the importance of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) for the selected patient group. Their rationale for this approach to management for this population rests in the fact that hepatocellular...

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Team Collaboration

What leadership issues will Stewart face throughout organizing this practice clinicians into a team? In his current capacity, Stewart faces a myriad of leadership issues, including a dire need to communicate between Business Development’s needs at BHS and the needs of network providers who want quick easy solutions but don’t...

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