When firms are developing new features or products, leaders should give due attention to consumers’ needs. In fact, they should focus on customers and involve, but not make decisions for them (Moir, 2015). The groups that participated in redesigning of Google did not gather information regarding the features they would incorporate while redesigning Google. Therefore, there should be no limitation of the users. I also feel that the members should have engaged all members to access the features that needed to be modified. Access is essential for the reason that it enables members to understand the project that is under modification (Moir, 2015). Moreover, members should have given every member an opportunity to contribute his or her ideas. By doing so, they would have generated useful information, and the project would have been successful.

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Moreover, the leadership is entrusted with the responsibility of creating a favorable environment for team project (Mone, 2012). In this context, Google project members should have invested the members in the project work by encouraging them for positive relationship building. Besides, managers are required to use the strength of each team member and ensure that the entire team is founded on trust and cooperation. It is important to state that adequate information is necessary when executing a project. Google redesign leadership would have realized enormous benefits if they were technical enough to motivate other group members (Mone, 2012). Motivation plays a crucial role in achieving project goals.

In this context, the leadership should have ensured that every member of the project is provided with the relevant reinforcement. For fair motivation, details of each team member are necessary. In this view, members should be able to organize and keep many precise activities at a time. It is crucial to note that leaders should employ the relevant project management processes. In cases where they do not follow, then chances of disagreements are higher.

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