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Culture Clash in the New World

The arrival of European settlers in North and South American over five centuries ago sparked a period defined, in part, by momentous cultural collisions. The effects of these collisions are still felt in the present day because the misunderstandings and adjustments which occurred in their aftermath have deeply affected aspects...

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Jainism in the United Kingdom and India

According to Warren, Jainism is an Indian religion mandated to teach the way to spiritual purity as well as individuals’ enlightenment through disciplined and nonviolence means (22). Jainism forms a part of the three main faiths devised in India in about 7th-5th century BC. Cort institutes that Jain religion differs...

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Acknowledgment to Country

Australia prides of being home to two indigenous peoples, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; each comprising of diverse nations that follow different cultures and traditions (Communicating positively: a guide to appropriate Aboriginal terminology, 2004). Before European Invasion, each nation of the Aboriginal people spoke in their unique language...

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Modern Negro Art

The paper discusses Powell’s (2055) quote about black art being the art of ‘common’ people. According to the paper, Powell (2005) emphasized that structural inequalities of American society influenced the access the black people have to the elements of the so called ‘high’, or white art, which eventually influenced black...

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Effects of Colonization on Africa

Colonization is defined as temporary extended dominion by some people over others with the intention of exploitation of such people and the resources they possess. Colonization, however, was dominated by oppression and exploitation. In the 1920s, more than 90% of Africa and Asia was under European colonization. The most important...

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