There are many ways to interpret personality, just as there are many ways to interpret color psychology. For example, using one system, the color gold has many attributes, including success, achievement, victory, abundance, warmth, compassion, beneficence or giving to others and victory (Al-Rasub, 2013). It is generally a good color, associated with the sun, associated with power and abundance, offering warmth and success to those who fall under the power of gold.

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In this assignment I was assigned the color gold, however I am having difficulty believing that I am a true gold color. In the last class we were offered an opportunity to answer several questions, which then offered us insights about our personality that allowed us to assign a color to our personality based on our answers. According to my answers, based on my personality traits, I have a structuralism character. I also found that I like to see things in a traditional way; however I also feel that I enjoy change. Realistically I see myself as a traditionalist, enjoying things the way they are.

I feel that while this tests are very helpful, one must take into consideration that they may be biased, as people may answer questions one way on a certain day depending on how they are feeling on a given day. This particular exam may be inaccurate also as certain individuals may test highly in more than one color group. This was the case for me, as I tested highly in multiple color groups. It is possible that a person can change from one color to another just as an individual can change their beliefs or principles, based on knowledge, information or principles they gather from the people they meet, or knowledge they gain, or information they gather as they learn or grow.

This information may be gathered from people, experiences, work or other experiences. While it may be possible that I have many gold characteristics, I feel it is highly possible that I have other characteristics that balance my personality.