I wanted to find a university that will not only teach me technical skills but will also help me better understand the world. Every problem involves several stakeholders and we cannot design effective solutions unless we are able to put ourselves in others’ shoes and view things from their perspectives. I also believe one cannot overstate the influence of people one interacts with on regular basis. I am attracted to Columbia not just due to its academic excellence but also due to the opportunity to interact with world-class faculty that has the largest number of Nobel Laureates of any Ivy League University. In addition, I will interact with talented fellow students which should help me significantly expand my thinking horizon and become better aware of my own prejudices and bias. I believe the world is a complex place which cannot be comprehended without knowledge in diverse areas that’s I also read on a wide range of subject matters including sciences, history, business, politics, economics, humanities, and anthropology.

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I am particularly interested in Math and Sciences and am excited to be part of the most exciting times in human history so far. I plan to be involved with the Undergraduate Research Involvement Program as well as explore my interests in robotics and computer programming. In addition, I also plan to take advantage internship and study abroad opportunities available through STEP. I am particularly pursuing a career in science and technology because of its tremendous potential to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. I plan to pursue my minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and follow in the footsteps of the university’s distinguished alumni that are the leading innovators in their respective industries.

I thank you once again for keeping my application open and assure you I will be a valuable addition to the Columbia Community. My priority is not merely to complete my undergraduate education with impressive grades but further discover myself at Columbia. I want to realize my true potential so that I can help the society progress both economically and socially.