To: OCS Review Board
On behalf of naval heroes of the past and present, it is my honor to recommend BM3 for acceptance in the Officer Candidate School Program. As all military personnel are aware, the number of active duty officers and enlisted personnel has decreased dramatically in recent years, despite growing strategic and safety concerns to the United States. Our Navy is the smallest it has been since a century ago. Therefore, only those individuals with outstanding leadership characteristics—command presence, solid judgment, communication skills and motivational talent—should be considered for appointment to OCS. It is imperative given the current situation that the board be highly selective, which is why I am confident to put BM3’s name before you for consideration and appointment.

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BM3 has served the Navy and his country with honor and pride for almost eight years. He has a spotless record which is an indication of that he will lead by example once commissioned. BM3 first served on active duty, then as a reservist, and has completed Expeditionary work, giving him breadth of knowledge and experience to pass on to others. He lives by the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment. After spending several years on reserve duty he realized that his calling was to serve permanently and he reenlisted and is currently an active seaman who sets the example of excellence among his colleagues. He is first to volunteer, always finishes tasks promptly and proficiently, and is well-respected by his peers and leaders alike.

Consistent with his thorough nature, BM3 has insured that all required documentation for this appointment has been verified; it is attached as enclosed herein. This applicant meets the physical fitness, height, weight, and body fat standards of OPNAVINST 6110.1H and is eligible in all respects. His medical record is current and, after review, supports the fact that he is unconditionally qualified, both physically and mentally, for a commission in the United States Navy. Arrangements can be made with his current assignment so he is available for immediate enrollment upon acceptance into OCS.

Let me reiterate that during my career I have witnessed many changes in the state of the military. Now more than ever we need exemplar candidates to lead our Navy into an uncertain future. From my experience with him and in my opinion, BM3 will be precisely this type of leader. With his impeccable background, knowledge and ability to communicate, he will be able to motivate those under his command to achieve more with less. I wholeheartedly hope he joins me one day as a junior officer, knowing he will be dedicated, effective, and true to the Navy’s ideals. I advise you without hesitation to accept this young man, a decision that will reverberate positively for decades to come.