The Patel family thanks Serra High School admissions committee for their time and consideration of our son, Jailen Patel. There are many reasons that Jailen is a good fit for Serra High School. We know our son will excel at Serra High School if given the opportunity. Attending Serra High School is Jailen’s main aspiration. The opportunity to attend Serra High School is not something that Jailen takes lightly. In fact, one of my son’s traits is his ability to be serious and “buckle down.” My son has proven that he has the commitment to achieve all the goals which he sets by his past record of success. The culture of Serra High School attracts Jailen because he is seeking out a high school experience that will prepare him for college and a possible basketball scholarship. Jailen is dedicated to improving his game, he takes coaching to heart by being receptive to criticisms.
Jailen’s sportsmanship is also evidenced at home because he is a loving and caring brother to his younger ten-year old sister, Jaida. Jailen has what it takes to handle the pressures of varsity athletics because he has proven that he has the character for the sport. Jailen is devoted to his sport because he practices with energy, enthusiasm, and dedication.
Jailen does not want to focus solely on basketball because he aspires to have the grades and academic transcript which will permit him the best foundation to build a future career. Furthermore, Jailen is talented in math and in art; both of these are areas that Serra High School is known for excellence. Jailen knows that the academics at Serra High School are rigorous and will challenge him. Serra High School provides a challenge that my son eagerly accepts should the offer be extended.

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