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Communication skills

Communication Techniques: Clinical Setting

The techniques for being a good listener are needed in order to have a successful clinical veterinary practice. Communication is the key to being able to have one’s practice run smoothly. Communication with coworkers and clients is a necessary skill for any vet to learn. There are protocols for good...

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International And Intercultural Communication

Modern realities create new opportunities for businesses all over the world and allow them to enter foreign markets without the significant efforts, which used to be compulsory for such an entry a few decades ago. Tools for international trade are readily available and distances and borders, it would seem, mean...

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Culturally Competent Communication

In all professions, but especially in the realm of health care, intercultural communication is paramount to developing a good relationship and an optimal outcome for the patient. If a patient is uncomfortable with their health care provider, or has reason to believe that they are being judged negatively by the...

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Can Technology Replace Face-to-Face Communication?

You wouldn’t think with the rise of social media and the ability to carry on conversations with friends all around the world would reduce your ability to carry on a conversation with your next door neighbor, would you? But it does, especially in the business world. In today’s climate of...

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Communications Style Self-Assessment

After taking the self-assessment, I found I scored highest on the categories of Style 2, which is focused on process; and Style 4, which is focused on Ideas. My lowest score was Style 2, which emphasizes people. Based on this assessment, I can see how I take a very logical...

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