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Communication skills

Modes of Persuasion

Aristotle's three modes of persuasion are ethos, logos, and pathos. They all carry essential weight in the art of persuading someone to do or understand something. The most important mode of persuasion is ethos. Ethos specifically conveys to the audience the elements of trustworthiness, authority, expertise, and relatability about the...

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Professional Email Correspondence

Abstract This paper will provide answers to five different questions, creating a seamless flow of answers from one question to the next. It will work to compare differences between two emails, determining which one is professionally written and which one is not. It will determine which email has all of...

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Face-to-Face Interaction

Communication is the main aspect that makes human beings special from the other living animals. The creation of advanced technologies in the last few decades has given rise to various contentious issues in the society. As technology keeps on evolving, different ways for communicating are emerging such the use of...

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Greatest Talent or Skill

My greatest skill may be my social skills. It is ironical because I consider myself more of an introvert than an extrovert. At the same time, I have always been fascinated by people because I believe every person can teach us something. The desire to learn from other people and...

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Communication Disorder

Aphasia is a language disorder that develops after a person has been experienced a stroke. Although numerous other communication disorders such as alexia, agraphia, and acalculia occur as a result of a stroke, aphasia is the commonest of them all. However, there are various types of aphasia such as anomic,...

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