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Communication skills

Digital Communication

Writing requires the ability to put contents together in a way that I can be understood by majority of audience. It is of the essence to note that the writer has to understand the target audience and the expectations of the audience about the content to be delivered. On the...

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Interpersonal Conflict

1. Introduction Our daily lives are sometimes comprised of conflicts. They might either lead to bonds breaking or strengthening depending on how the conflicting parties interact with one another during an argument. In a healthy relationship, conflicts are helpful as they help both parties resolve their differences. Transition: Now that...

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How Does Self Concept Affect Communication

Understanding self concept is critical to understanding how and why communication occurs. One’s self concept is composed of numerous personal characteristics which come together to form this unique personal perspective (Business Communication: Self Concept, n.d). For me, the notion of self concept is an amalgamation of influences, including how I...

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Current Information and Communication Technologies

Identify a recently adopted information, education, or communication technology tool in your specialty area.Human patient simulation (HPS) is the use of life-sized full-body mannequins that have the capability to electronically interact with humans (Lewis, Strachan, & Smith, 2016). The HPS is used in nursing education in a variety of ways....

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Interpersonal Communication

For the purpose of the present assignment, the interpersonal relationship between myself and my grandmother will be analyzed using a discussion of intergenerational differences and the understanding of the family structure and culture that influences this relationship. There are various considerations that have determined the development of the communication style...

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