One communication technique I would really love to work on is my communication over the phone. In fact, for some reason, even though I am a very sociable person, I have hard time properly communicating on the phone. I get lost, I am not sure what to reply and thus in many instances I sound rude, in some – simply weird, and, lastly, in many instances I cannot stand up for my interests, insist on my position only because I feel myself at a loss when talking on the phone.
The steps which I consider to be appropriate to be taken in order to improve my phone communicational skills are:

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Recording some of my phone conversations and analyzing possible mistakes.
I strongly believe that my difficulties mainly derive from lack of eye contact with the conversational partner. And this is why I would practice more online calls via Skype and other similar services. It is also better to practice such with my friends and relatives.
I would ask my friends and relatives to comment on weird behaviors I have when speaking on the phone or over Skype.
Lastly, I would try to avoid such behaviors and, through practice, make a phone conversation, which I usually avoid by all means unless it is a very close friend calling, a normal setting for myself.

Speaking about non-verbal communication and facial expression and gesture and other non-verbal means of communication, I think that I would implement them in my training. Moreover, I have a vague feeling that it is exactly the lack of such non-verbal means, or, rather, their being not essential make me feel at a loss while speaking on the phone. I need to learn dealing without these important channels of communication because in some instances communication cannot use these channels and thus it is important to familiarize oneself and get used and adjusted to such situation. This would certainly be my number one priority when working on the resolution of my communication problem referred to above.