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Military Communications

The military has long garnered recognition as a top organization when it comes to communication. Given the high stakes nature of military operations, and given the way that information has to be disseminated quickly, the military has had significant pressure put on it to get things right. It should follow,...

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Human Communication Theory Essay

The purpose of this essay is to discuss a frustrating communication issue which I have participated in with a roommate, and which is important to my personal life. I consider how different communication theories can help me to better understand and act in relation to this issue, cover various details...

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Cross-Cultural Issues

The United States and Asia share many cultural values, but also demonstrate a variety of differences regarding various aspects of their values, beliefs, and behaviors. Certain behaviors in the United States would be considered completely unacceptable in the Asian countries, and the opposite is true as well. These differences would...

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Crisis Communication Plan for the Target Data Breach

In 2013, Target faced a major crisis: A massive data breach that resulted in the theft of the personal information from 110 million customers, including about 40 million credit and debit card numbers. This occurred just two days before “Black Friday,” the biggest shopping day of the year. In response,...

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Communication Theory

The symbolic interaction communication theory, also known as symbolic interactionism, which was developed by George Herbert Mead, is a sociological theory which claims that all human interaction is based on individual response to a social system, and that social system’s understanding of what is real. Proponents of this theory believe...

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