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Gender and Communication

1. My experience as a white female shaped my definition of gender as just being a descriptive characteristic. Before reading academic theories on ‘gender’, I believed, and still think to some degree that gender is a way to distinguish or categorize people that often share a similar biological or physiological...

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Intercultural Communication: Chapter Summaries

Chapter 7: Dominant US Cultural PatternsThe depiction of a general national culture through the various value orientations identified in chapter 7, is quite spot on especially since those orientations are observable in individual and group behavior (Jandt, 1995). This is in spite of highly distinct individual cultures and subcultures developed...

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Cultural Relativism

In understanding cultures that are different than one’s own, the topic of cultural relativism comes to mind. Cultural relativism is defined as the action of understanding another person’s morals, ideals, beliefs and personal values in the context of his or her culture only. Cultural relativism is not about arguing a...

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Communication: Group Dynamics

Four years ago, I joined Young Investment Forum a group devoted to promoting financial decision awareness among youths by building investment and saving structures for all its members. The Group started in 2004, at Michigan University and later moved to online platforms where members from different states and Universities could...

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Communication Barriers And Filters

Introduction/BackgroundCommunication is essential to our social, economic and productive aspects of our lives. While good communication strategies are important, it is important to understand what the barriers and filters are which can create challenges. Those challenges come in the form of barriers and filters that can distort or dampen communications...

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