Second chances are an alternative school’s mantra, but simply shuffling a student through the same steps in which they struggled previously is the definition of insanity. It will not produce better or different results. The Resiliency Preparatory Academy aims to create new steps that will encourage and benefit students, families, and the community. Now, the RPA has collaborated with People, Incorporated to create a community engagement center. This center will serve as an additional tool to provide alternative students with successful pathways for their future.

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Pathways to relevant education and careers serve people and the community better than traditional education in many cases. Finding a career sufficient to comfortably support a family may require hands-on training and academic support. The community engagement center will provide that support. Realistic goals provide sustainable employment opportunities in fields such as certified nursing assistants, support professionals, culinary arts, and pre-apprentice construction trades.

The community engagement center will create vocational partnerships that will deliver the resources necessary to find long-term employment at a capacity that requires less start-up costs. These get-up-and-go job opportunities will find students and parent-students with job opportunities while they finish their education.

The grand opening of the community engagement center is a symbol of our hopes for the future of our children and the future of this community. Career services and a creative environment will ensure that every participant in the center’s services will gain meaningful and useful knowledge and resources toward their future goals. Through collaboration, dedication, and spirit, the community engagement center will be an invaluable resource for generations to come.

Please support us in our endeavors to create a community of civic inclusiveness, as no citizen should be without options when they are ready to join the workforce. There is opportunity available for every able community member, and the community engagement center will make sure it provides for those who think they are without hope.