Clarkesville, Tennessee is an area that values the environment and sustainability. However, there is always more that people can do, and always room for improvement when it comes to the environment and sustainability. The status of the sustainability is one that is good, though it could stand to be better. This writing is a sustainability proposal to make suggestions on what the area’s government and citizens can do to increase the level of sustainability.

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The state held a public forum on environmental sustainability, and the activity allowed the local government and the citizens to converse on what they can do about increasing sustainability and ask questions on the environment (“Clarksville, TN Online,” 2016.) The Tennessee environmental council appreciates the role of the environment and natural resources in the economy and provision of a better life for the present generation as well as the future, which ultimately is the goal of sustainability. It is very important that the government support the council and the projects it runs. For instance, the government should support the sustainable Tennessee project that is a project involving the collection of ideas and input from the public on the ways to ensure Tennessee is at the forefront regarding environmental sustainability (“Clarksville Chamber of Commerce – Green Certification”, 2016). The watershed support center is a project of the Council that the people must support and monitor, as it seeks to provide communities with the watershed science, and other measures which seek to restore local health.

Tennessee is also part of the Valley sustainable communities working towards creating a comprehensive to progression in the form of sustainability, combining the efforts of economic development and sustainability (“TVA – Valley Sustainable Communities,” 2016). Clarkesville is among the cities involved in the communities. There are several things, however, in addition to improvement on what the Tennessee environmental council does, that the government and the citizens can in an attempt to reach sustainability.

The local government can adopt a sustainable development statement to go with the mission and vision statements (Defee, Esper & Mollenkopf, 2009). This statement would act a guidance on the principles and policy frameworks for the approach to environmental sustainability, informing various institutions including schools, hospitals, and organization on the new commitment to the environment and sustainability.

It is very important to incorporate the environment and the concept of sustainability in the decision-making process. All institutions in the area need to demonstrate institutional practices promoting sustainability (Ginley & Cahen, 2012). These include the use of energy saving measures, an increase in the use of renewable resources, and a decrease in the production of the waste material. The government can provide a stable educational program and simultaneously encourage environmental query for the community concerning the appropriate environmental practices. It is important to establish sustainability indicators that enable reporting, monitoring and improvement processes.

Within the local government and the environmental council, the members should create a position of sustainability coordination to promote effective sustainability efforts. One duty of the person in the position is practicality determination along with the implementation of any recommendations and laws passed concerning sustainability (Agyeman, 2003). The government and the citizens should continue to support the existing energy management and conservation initiatives. It is also important to have an increase in the communication efforts and create platforms such as a sustainability website with the aim of solving one of the hurdles of sustainability, which is a lack of information and knowledge on appropriate practices (Sharma & Starik, 2002). Informing the masses on the practice will cause a significant change.

The local government should make a public commitment to ensuring environmental sustainability. The individuals in their households should emulate the governments and do the same. This move serves to increase the level of accountability within the region. Increased accountability will have a positive influence causing people to live with sustainable practices.

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