Step One: Identify interests and related Job TitlesMy dream job is to become an investment banker for Wells Fargo. In essence, this the kind of job that I prefer because of my personality. Firstly, I consider that I am an introvert. This is mainly because I tend to work best alone and in small groups. Banking is an industry that involves working more in small groups or alone. I am a focused and determine individual that enjoys working and concentrating on one thing at a time.

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The other crucial feature of my personality is organization. This is mainly because I enjoy conventional structure and way of life. In addition to the above, I like working under standard rules and regulations. This is one of the major pillars of the banking industry. This is mainly because the issue of dealing with finances is crucial and following instructions is paramount. Therefore, the fact that I like following instructions keenly makes me a qualified person for the position of investment finance.

My personality can also be categorized as the enterpriser. There are several reasons I consider myself as an enterpriser. Firstly, I feel that I enjoy the responsibility of mentoring others in the society. In finance and investment, several issues involves mentoring the members of the society. For instance, people are encouraged to invest their money and also focus on business. As an entrepreneur, I am an ambitious and confident individual.

Step Two: Identify Industry for job identified above
As an investment banker, there are several roles and responsibilities that I will be carrying out. One of the major roles is to assist customers to raise money in the capital markets for the investment purposes. The other crucial role that I will be doing is to advise the customers in the investment sector. In essence, there are several opportunities that customers can try in the industry. However, these clients need the appropriate information to be able to come up with effective options for investing. The other crucial role that I will be playing at the Wells Fargo company is to sell debts to the company customers. This is mainly the activity of offering loans to the customers. The issue of giving loans is not only a simple activity. It involves advising the customers on the best options to take. This ensures that despite the fact that the company offer more loans and also get more profits, the client gets value for the money. Therefore, I will have to study hard to be competent in the finance and especially the investment sector. This will be essential in ensuring that I provide the best solutions to the clients. The job will also entail constant communication with the customers with the primary objective of ensuring that they get value for their investment activities.

Step Three: Identify Company within chosen industry
The company that I have selected is Wells Fargo. This is a company that offers numerous financial solutions. Some of the most common of these solutions include banking, loans, and credit, insurance, investing and retirement, wealth management, and rewards and benefits.

Step Four: Complete research on chosen company
The vision of Wells Fargo Company is to try as much as possible to meet the financial needs of the company customers. This ensures that these clients succeed financially. One of the major issues is that has contributed to the success of the company is enhanced service of delivery to the customers. Despite the fact that the vision of the company was written several years ago, it has been vital in ensuring that the customer succeeds financially.

The Wells Fargo Company is based on five crucial values. One of the major value that has led to the competitiveness of the company is “people as a competitive advantage.” The company supports and values the team members as they consider that they play an active member in ensuring that the society is financially successful. To achieve its goals and objectives, the company tries as much as possible to motivate, attract, retain, and enhance the employee skills (Greg 1).

The other crucial value that has enabled Wells Fargo to succeed is ethics. The company ensures that all the employees comply with the company rules and regulations. For instance, they are expected to work professionally. Thirdly, the company also has the value of what’s right for the customers. The other value of the company is diversity and inclusion. Several diverse options ensure that all the members of the society are represented. The other value of the company is leadership. The company focuses on providing that the lead the customers towards the achievement of the company goals and objectives. One of the major issues that are emphasized is accountability. They ensure that the customers are knowledgeable financially (Greg 1).

There are several benefits plans that the employees of the company are entitled. Some of the most common types of benefits include parental and critical caregiving leaves, paid time off, commuter benefits, adoption reimbursement, tuition reimbursement and scholarships, discounts and savings, and health benefits.

Job seekers contacts

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To get employment at the company, there is a simple process. Firstly, you get started, apply for the particular opportunity, attend the interview, and consider the offer.

In conclusion, Wells Fargo Company is the best company that I wish to work in the future.

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