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Compare and Contrast Essays

E-books and Paper books

Among many ongoing discussions these days, one of the mot substantial and crucial points to be discussed is whether e-books should prevail the paper version books. The discussion has been extended to the business perspective. Also, an essential point of view is also conveyed by the medical community. Given the...

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David Hume and George Berkeley

David Hume and George Berkeley are two of the most famous philosophers of all time. The key difference between them was their contrasting opinions on the existence of god. Berkeley felt god must exist. Berkeley reasoned this through the following thought experiment: if our insights into the world around us...

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Compare and Contrast: Symbolism in the Poetry of William Blake

In his poetry, William Blake asks the fundamental question “Dost thou know who made thee?” (Blake 8). Addressed to the lamb about whom the poem “The Lamb” is written, this line highlights the key idea that is explored in William Blake’s poetry about the unknowable and contrary nature of God....

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Court and Prison

Criminal justice is one of the fields of social life, which, no doubt, can be called one of the integral parts of modern society. But it is unbelievable what diverse forms criminal justice may take. This essay is to compare and contrast two places related to the field of criminal...

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Compare and Contrast Between India, Egypt, and China

There are many similarities and differences between the kinship, religion, and social classes in Egypt, China, and India. It is very common for countries to borrow ideas from one another, and as a result, have a political system with many similarities. One of the major similarities in the three countries...

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A Beginner's Guide To Writing Compare and Contrast Essays

A compare and contrast essay is meant to show the reader the similarities between two or more subjects. Your goal as a writer is to make sure that you use to compare and contrast words that aid understanding. Keep in mind that it also requires stating differences not just similarities.

An Overview Of a Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is a composition made up of multiple paragraphs that aims at explaining why two or more subjects are similar. College students are often asked to compare and contrast two or more subjects allowing the reader to understand why these subjects are related. Some compare and contrast essay examples include; "write a 500-word essay about the similarities and differences between a vegetarian diet and a caveman" diet," compare and contrast formal letters and business letters".

Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay like A Professional

The structure of this essay is similar to the structure of a typical essay. While it can be used in any field of study and not just in literature, the structure is as follows;

  • Introduction
  • This part of the comparison essay should be made up of little information about subjects. It could be a definition of the subjects you intend to discuss in the body. You don't need to make your introduction too long as most of the points will be discussed subsequently. Your goal should be to let the reader know what to expect.

  • Thesis Statement
  • Right after the introduction, you need to provide the thesis statement. This part of the essay tells the reader your opinion about the subjects to be discussed. You don't need to go into details about the similarities but make sure the reader understands that the topics for compare and contrast essays.

  • Comparative Essay Body
  • The body of the essay comes right after the thesis statement. It should be made up of detailed explanations about each point. Each point you discuss should be placed in a separate paragraph as you compare theories. Keep in mind that all the points have to be empirically supported.

  • Conclusion
  • After you have explained every point you intend to make, round up with a summary that connects everything. Your conclusion should support your thesis statement rather than be against it. Every compare and contrast essay template needs a concluding paragraph.

    Tips For Writing The Perfect Comparison And Contrast Essay

    Bottom Line

    When it comes to writing an essay, you need to pay attention to details. If the tips above aren't enough to give you a clear understanding of what a comparison essay should look like, visit MyPaperWriter to see a compare and contrast essay example.