IntroductionTwo methods of schooling are most popular in today’s American society: home schooling and traditional schooling. In the first, students rarely leave the house, and their mother or father often teaches them until their teenage years. In the second, children leave the home daily and spend time with other students learning from a variety of teachers. The similarities and dissimilarities will become clear throughout this essay, which aims not to promote one form of education over the other but to inform the reader about these ways to do school.

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Comparison and Contrast
Home school and traditional school share a lot in common. First, they both integrate teaching and a social environment. Many homeschoolers congregate for communal lessons or for social events in order to prevent isolation. Second, both forms of schooling can be easy or demanding. Homeschooling can lend itself to cutting corners, but this depends on the teacher, as does traditional school. Third, both styles of education aim to mature the student in knowledge and character.

The contrasting elements of these school systems include variety. The traditional school will change teachers more often, as well as classmates throughout the educational career of the student. Similarly, traditional school carries more extracurricular activities, such as athletics and theater. Home school students can participate in this but not with the comradery and organization of traditional school.

Contrasts also include the state support for such schooling, as students in traditional school will receive more funds from the government. However, home schooling stands apart in the ability of the teacher to incorporate his or her own unique elements into the curriculum throughout the student’s life. The influence in home schooling is improved in this way. It lends itself to customization for the benefit of the learner.

Many more comparisons and contrasts could be listed here. However, those that I have presented constitute some of the most significant for understanding the differences and similarities between home school and traditional school. Again, the best option depends on the needs and resources of each student and family.