The 2000 A&E “The Great Gatsby” video is having a more ancient setting as compared to the 1974’s Copolla version. The video starts with the main actor taking a rest at a pool and being shot from a distance by a stranger whose view is not clear. Before the shooting however, the narrator starts with an advice given to him by his father. The setting of this video is purely along the ocean represent some sort of calmness and peace. In the 1974’s Copolla version however, the film starts with a classical ancient setting where a mansion that represents wealth and riches is shown to the viewer. Moreover, pictures from magazine cuttings showing pictures of one of the actors are brought to picture. However, there is a resemblance for both videos in terms of the ocean and pool settings that are shown at the beginning. In both videos, there is the view of a swimming pool and the ocean, which represents some calmness and peace.

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A major difference that can be seen in the videos is the arrival of Gatsby. In the 1974 version, Gatsby arrives with a boat and is picked with Tom at the sea shore using a car that is being chauffeured. In the 2000 version however, Gatsby arrives driving himself to Daisy’s house. Daisy in both videos is dressed in a white gown that represents class and opulence, taking into consideration the massive wealth at her disposal. Looking at the videos, while the 1974 version tried to bring out some sense of modernity, the 2000 version does the opposite by showing more of an ancient setting. The 2000 version is more appealing as it starts with the character shot without any explanation and the viewer gets glued to find out the reason for the shooting.