With the development in technology, computer booking system has significantly developed thus allowing publicly accessible computers to be reserved for a period of time. Below is a SWOT analysis of the current booking system:

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To find out the strengths of the current computer booking system its design was taken into account. Some of the things that can be accounted as strengths in this SWOT analysis include:

All the details that help the user book a pc are located at the top and in one place hence chances of the user missing any details are low.
Different colors are used to indicate the different statuses of the computer. By looking at the color you can immediately know if the pc is for booking or already booked. The system is designed to prevent double booking or booking a resource in the elapsed time.
Lastly, the system indicates faulty computers that automatically prevent booking of that computer.

Despite being a successfully operational system, the computer booking system has its own weaknesses. The design of the system and how it compares to its competitors was analyzed to form a list of weaknesses. Some of the findings are listed below:
The system does not support the use by the blind. Colors are used to differentiate the different status of the resources.
The system is only meant to be used by student who apparently knows of the location of the resources. On the other hand, the competitors have designed their systems in such a way that the neighboring community can use their system and have access to the resources.
Site and location can be very confusing to some user as in general they tend to mean the same thing.
Lastly, elapsed time should not be displayed as it takes a lot of space which focuses user to scroll to the other end to find the required time.

To scan for the opportunities, the operating environment of the booking system was analyzed, and here are some of the prominent findings:

The system can be used for more just other than pc booking. With some few changes the system can be modified to include booking of other resources as vehicles, board rooms just to mention a few.
On the other hand, renting of the whole resource instead of users booking computers and coming to use them in the building, they can rent the whole resource and go with it to their home to use for the agreed time.

Emerging new cheap resources: nowadays for almost 100$ you can get a pc hence you don’t have to book anymore.
Secondly, booking prices where maintenance of the computers is costly and this may lead to an increase in booking prices which may shy away customers.

Risk Analysis on the Current Booking System
Many organizations have introduced self-style online management systems for the current booking system to save costs and further increase efficiencies.

An internally appointed person may be availed to help those booking using the online system to comply with the legal requirements.

Medical conditions
The medical conditions must be considered when implementing the computer booking system to prevent the risk of passengers who need special care from being affected.
Overall, computer booking system has played a significant role in saving costs and improving efficiency in terms of service delivery.