A computer crime investigator is a person who investigates several crimes by recovering a number of file systems that are being stored in the computers which may have been hacked or have been damaged. This research paper will give a broad discussion on every detail concerning the job. This will include job qualifications, requirements, experience and conclusion.
Computer crime investigation is a great job in the sense that it helps large corporations find it easy to know whether their security system is properly working and well in place. According to Casey 2014, the job is being tested by trying to carry out various ways that can hack into computer network systems of a corporation. Computer crime investigator job is very great also since it helps to analyze crimes that are conducted via computer systems, it helps to discover destroyed data that is needed for use, helps to gather sufficient evidence and helps also to gather information about the computer systems. Another great importance is that the job maximizes the optimal levels in the performance of computer system; helps to reconstruct computer systems that are may be damaged, helps in court testimonies and also help in preparation of expert reports that are involved with matters that are highly technical. In addition the job is great since it can help in recovering of files that are protected by the password or any kind of information that is hidden, methods that can be used to present computer evidence and lastly the investigator develops the ability in collaborating and also working one on one with any kind of team (Casey, 2014).

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The qualifications for an individual to secure the job as a computer crime investigator is having a bachelors degree in criminology, computer forensics, cyber security and a technical experience that is professionally done within a period of two years. This simply indicates that a bachelor degree will simply meet these requirements. Another main point is that a bachelor degree is the minimum requirement in this job. In addition, possession of a certificate in Certified Fraud Examiner may be an added advantage for one to secure this job.

The plans that will help an individual fulfill the actual requirements of the job is that, firstly the one to investigate must have to understand all kinds of information that will contain potential evidence that is needed to complete structuring the research. This is because computer crimes have a wide range of criminal activities. They may involve child pornography, destruction of property or even any kind of thefts. Secondly the crime investigator is expected to pick the appropriate equipments that will be used to do the investigation. The investigator must be one who is very familiar with several methods that can be used to prevent any kind of further damage that may be caused during the process of recovering information. This tools are the once that are being used in effective recovering of damaged files (Taylor, 2014).

For one to achieve this job, one should have thorough skills and knowledge on principles and computer forensic investigations. Possession of effective awareness on the principles will help one understand clearly the techniques that are can be used in the process of collecting data and analyzing crime. Another step is the ability for one to collect data, analyze it and then evaluate it. This is pertained to any kind of computer crimes. According to Stephenson 2013, one must take a step of knowing how materials are being organized, how to prepare the required reports needed for investigation, and how to communicate in an effective way. One should be well informed on how to operate any kind of computer. The last step is having the ability to maintain and also establish a strong cooperate relation with others (Stephenson, 2013).

In order for an individual to be a successful computer investigator, you need the following experiences. Firstly one must always be familiar with several computing platforms. This platforms should be incorporated with the old platforms such as windows 9x and DOS. Secondly an individual should be well informed on how to use Linux, the latest windows platforms and also Macintosh. Another thing is that you should be at a position whereby you can maintain close contact with network, investigative and computing professionals. One should be experienced on how to use database, spreadsheet and also word processing software. Lastly you should be well conversant with most of the computer programs and also how to operate different types of computers (Douglas, 2013).

The computer crime investigative job is not competitive in the job market. This is because only specialized individuals that are well informed in this field are only allowed to do this job. The qualifications and steps needed to carry out this job turn out not to be intensively available in the society. Thus the job mostly stands on its own in terms of carrying out its services which in most cases are secretly conducted.

A plan b that can be replaced to the computer crime investigator job is the computer forensics job. I can choose this because the computer forensics is highly related with the computer crime investigation since it deals with data collection, data analysis and lastly reporting the data in a legalized way. As Nelson 2014 mentions, computer forensics can be used as one of the reliable methods that can prevent computer crime (Nelson, 2014).

The professional associate that is related to this computer crime investigation job is ways of establishing the highest moral standards. To add on, truth, ethical and also professional conduct is highly recommended in this job.

The computer crime investigation organization is a body that aims at maintaining the highest security level in the society that is digitalized and managed by technology. The values of this association that is the ethical value, moral value and also professional conduct values show how effective this organization is. They create an environment of trust from the clients who need the organization’s services. This also increases the rate of confidentiality of this organization and the transparency level which is highly recommended during investigation time.

To conclude computer crime investigator job is a job that is very useful in the society. From the above discussion on the research it is clearly that this job requires bright mind people who can come up with more different techniques on how to carry out the services. That is the reason why strictly a bachelor degree is recommended as a minimum requirement for one to secure the job. Ethical, trust and professional conduct values are also key factors to be watched during this process. These qualities will lead to a situation of conducting investigation in a fair and transparent manner which will attract the society. This computer crime investigation job will highly help in processing technical information and also help in securing very crucial information that may be needed for an investigation. This job also involves use of various techniques that will need an individual to be well educated on thus broadening the mind of many people who are interested in this job. They will be in a position to learn a lot of useful things that will help them find easy ways that are confidential on how to deal with technical crime matters.

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