Computer security is the controls and measures that ensure that information or data confidentially, integrity, and availability of information system assets which include software, firmware, software, and the information being processed, communicated, and stored. On the other hand, information security involves the protection of the information or data as well as information systems from unauthorized use, access, modification, disclosure, or destruction for the purpose of providing and guaranteeing information confidentiality, integrity, and availability (Vacca, 2012).
Computer security commonly involves application of procedures for accessing the location or the rooms in the organizations where important company data is stored. The term describes the protection afforded to an automated information system for the purpose of attaining applicable objectives of preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems resources. Computer security is also applied to private as well as public computer networks for instance the Internet (Vacca, 2012). Computer security generally encompasses all the actions and remedies put in place to prevent the theft of computer resources and information security in order to protect the data and information stored in the equipment.

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Information security is generally the actions of defending the information kept in computer systems from being accessed by unauthorized personnel. Information security is involving the processes as well as the methodologies designed and implemented for the purpose of providing protection electronic, print, or any form of private, confidential, and sensitive information or data from access, disclosure, disruption, use, modification, or disclosure by unauthorized personnel (Vacca, 2012). This may involve using of various mechanisms such as providing different levels of access to different people in the organization depending on the need and sensitivity of the information. Information security is also commonly applied using various software and protocols especially in large computer systems used by many people. However, computer security and information security are two terms which are commonly used in ensuring information confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


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