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Kevin Mitnick

Computers and informational technology require tremendous security. Individuals may wish to steal information from another’s account for a wide variety of reasons. Due to this, companies need to ensure they hire the best informational technology people to protect their assets. While it may seem bizarre at first glance, this person...

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Materials Science in the Development of Computers

In the last six decades, computers have developed faster speeds, larger memory storage, and smaller footprints. The smart phone many people carry in their pockets today has more power, speed, and storage capacity than the early computers, which were hampered by reliance on large vacuum tubes. These tubes were exceptional...

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Best Deal on Laptop Computer

Computers Modern technology is widely accepted as having great positive impacts on people and institutions as seen in the utilization of highly effective lifesaving medications as well as enhancement of business processes and chances for success, among other impacts. Relatedly, computers are central to the processes and outcomes achieved by...

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System Failure

Abstract This paper will discuss four different types of system failure that may occur in a distributed system. It will discuss which, if any, of these four types of system failure are also applicable to a centralized system, and provide information regarding how to fix two of the four different...

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Injustice: Gods Among Us

NetherRealm Studios, which released the reboot of Mortal Kombat, seeks to usher in a new era of fighting style video games with their highly anticipated Injustice: Gods Among Us. No longer do players have to worry about good versus evil in contemporary terms, players are encouraged to embrace their inner...

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Virus And Malicious Code

Computer virus and other malicious code such as worms, bots, and Trojans belong to a class of software known as malware. However, computer viruses are different from the other malicious code in that they propagate themselves in a computer system by inserting a copy of themselves and becoming as part...

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How Computer Technology has Changed in the Courts and Police Departments

Technology works to influence the lives of individuals in a variety of different ways, and its effects are often far reaching and complex. The days are long past when computers were only a thing to be had by large universities, and it is now common for individuals to have at...

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How Do You Assemble A Bare Bones Computer?

Assembling a bare bones computer is actually fairly simple. That big, or small, piece of equipment harbors a few key components that enable it to function properly. So without the upgrades, advanced equipment, and seemingly endless problems, the basic computer set up is quite simple. I will outline the steps...

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Computers and Companionship

Human-Computer companionship is becoming commonplace. People have speculated about what the nature of their relationship with computers might be like in the future for decades. science fiction authors warned of dangers that might occur if robots began to become too human, while business leaders hailed the potential of computerized companions...

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Excel Usage Pool

The case respondent reported to using Microsoft Excel for business purposes. In this case, the respondent uses Microsoft Excel for scheduling where it is possible to create basic resource and employee schedules with color codes, as well as for automatic updating of changes in the schedule (Triola, 2013). The respondent...

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Comparison of Microsoft Office Versions

The three Microsoft office versions, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft 2013 and Microsoft Office 360 are three different versions of the classical Microsoft office suite that provides users with word processing, email and presentation capabilities. This paper will appropriately compare and contrast their respective features in order to highlight which application...

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Computer Booking System Analysis

With the development in technology, computer booking system has significantly developed thus allowing publicly accessible computers to be reserved for a period of time. Below is a SWOT analysis of the current booking system: Strengths To find out the strengths of the current computer booking system its design was taken...

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Windows and Linux Forensics Investigations

The fast growth and rapid metamorphosis of the computer science and information technology come with a hoard of security and privacy issues. One is never 100 percent secure irrespective of the servers, operating system, and database management system they are using. Security wise, many sources allude that Linux OS beats...

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Forensic Evidence Analysis

Network systems are used by organizations for communication, completion of administrative functions, and file sharing among other critical organizational functions. Factors that comprise network systems have great impact on business continuity and workflow. Malicious people wanting to cripple the normal functioning of an organization will always target the network systems...

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Examining a Networks Forensic Evidence

Worms are self-replicating malware that attack a computer network system. When worms infest a computer network system, they exploit system vulnerabilities and flaws to spread to other points. Worms can bring about enormous damages when they infest a network system. They have the ability to install botnets, launch DOOS attacks,...

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Comparing Windows and Macintosh Forensic Investigations

Given its popularity, Microsoft Windows remains among the most targeted operating systems. Therefore, various versions of the Windows operating system are adjustable for carrying cyber forensic investigations and acquiring electronic evidence. Considering the mainstream of the system, most computer forensics is Windows-centric. The Windows Registry is a central hierarchical repository...

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Information Age Technology

In his book Who Owns the Future? Jaron Lanier proposes an interesting concept about the inequality of wealth behind the use of “free” information. His concept is very interesting because it identifies the misconception that large networking sites and organizations provide the users with as much value as they receive...

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Are People Becoming Too Dependent on Computers?

When the question is whether people are too dependent on computers, there are no simple answers if only because the society has shifted in ways making the computer virtually necessary. The Internet permits access to limitless services, from banking to social media, so an exponential quality is created. The more...

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Sony Pictures Hack

Cyber crimes and internet frauds, as well as newly coined term, cyber terrorism has long ago become the reality of modern life. This is despite the fact that some two decades ago the terms sounded rather as something exotic, as something, that has not much in common with the lives...

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Computer And Network Attacks

The current world has been subjected to tremendous technological developments and improvements that have improved the quality of life. However, the changes are also associated with a number of challenges and concerns. Thus, the sole purpose of this paper is to offer a solid discussion platform for discussing different extents...

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