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Computer And Network Attacks

The current world has been subjected to tremendous technological developments and improvements that have improved the quality of life. However, the changes are also associated with a number of challenges and concerns. Thus, the sole purpose of this paper is to offer a solid discussion platform for discussing different extents...

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Computer Crime Investigator

A computer crime investigator is a person who investigates several crimes by recovering a number of file systems that are being stored in the computers which may have been hacked or have been damaged. This research paper will give a broad discussion on every detail concerning the job. This will...

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Human-Computer Interface

The observation of the human-computer interface that I chose was group of third graders in a computer based learning lab. The learning lab consists of banks of computers in a special classroom in the school. The students must use and interact with digital media to complete certain learning tasks. The...

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Digital Computer Crime

A computer crime is any criminal activity that involves the use of a computer or system to carry an illegal activity for the purpose of personal gain. There exist four primary categories of cyber crime in which the computer is the main target. The crimes include crime committed using a...

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Creating Digital Forensic Reports

Professionals in fields such as intelligence, law enforcement, criminal defense work, incident response, and electronic discovery often conduct forensic examinations. Digital forensic investigations are pertinent in discovering, examining, and analysis of electronic data. After investigations are concluded, the digital forensic examiners/analysts have to record and present their findings in understandable...

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