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The Generation Affected by Computers: Is It Different?

It is believed that the 21st century is the time for constant innovations and, as a result, modern people are different from those of the twentieth century. Nowadays, there are two opposite points of view on technologies and their impact on human beings. Some people believe that technologies are the...

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Introduction to Computer Literacy

AbstractThe emergence of computers marked a new error full of a wide range of technological advancements. Computers changed the way we work and do things. However, the emergence of computers introduced a challenge which is termed as computing ethics. The negative aspects of computing ethics have been witnessed in various...

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Configure a Personal Computer

In order to determine the specifications needed for a new computer I first consider the minimum requirements set by the university. According to the Walden University Technology Requirements the minimum specifications a student should purchase include the Windows 7 Operating System, 2GB of RAM, a 40GB hard drive, a DVD...

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Computer Information Systems for the Professional

Considering the impact that computers and technology have made on all areas of personal and professional lives, the need to understand how these systems operate and communicate with one another becomes more important as than ever. Regardless of the field of study or associated career path that an individual may...

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Computer and Information Systems in Healthcare

There are many different types of computer and information systems in healthcare, all of which have the potential to benefit both patients and staff. In my unit, the main use of this type of system is electronic health information, or records, which are used in the sense of both the...

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